So yesterday was a lovely day at Yankee Stadium. We saw the Yankees come back in the bottom of the 9th to beat that Angels. to win 8 to 7. When at a ball game you never know who you’ll be sitting next to. Kate and i had the pleasure of sitting next to some hard core never been out of NY Yankee fans. This means that every woman that walks past receives a halla of “Show’em” I think we all know what that means. They also hated the Red Soxs, and anyone stupid enough to wear Red Sox’s gear to the park. They did take particular delight informing the entire park that Boston is in-fact GAY. I ♥ NY.

So this last week has been all about mice. That’s right we caught 3 mice in 2 days. At this point I would fully understand if you the reader would say “Does Paul and Ian live in filth, nothing more that squalor?” Well to be honest we aren’t the cleanest people in the world but hey give us a break we live in the dirtiest city in the nation. check out frames for new pictures of people that have visited me lately.

yesterday was again a day for apt. hunting. OH my what a train wreck it was though. The L train was all weird so making our way to brooklyn was a hassle. Once we got there the first loft we looked at was off the Halsey stop. Way to far out from Manhattan where we all work. After that we tried to go look at a place for Kate in greenpoint but couldn’t get in. After that and a near fist fight Kate an I decided we should just forget the apt’s and go look for a kitten. Sadly we had NO luck there either. We did too much walking around ad passed out early at like 10pm on the futon. Missing our friend jay purugganan (member number 2). Although we hope to have lunch with him today. Although it’s really more like brunch but I hate the word brunch is sounds snotty.

Went to the skate park today. Luckily for me it’s close to where i work. So you would think that after 2 year I would be completely old man right? But know I still have a little skate left in me. I’m trying to convince ian to build a half pipe in out next apartment if it’s a loft. Great idea huh?

today was apartment hunting day. In a word NOTcool! We looked at some lofts that were cool but not big enough for ian and I. Kate looked a place in the Ghetto in which she would share the bathroom with the owner that was CRAZY. It’s only our first day and we all want to quit. This damn city cost too much, send money!!!!!!

So another week past. WOW time flies. I would like to tell the world something. Yesterday I was on the subway and this white guy sat down to this black guy that he apparently knew and started to talk. The black guy seemed like a well educated nice guy and the white guy seemed like a tool. As the white guy started conversation the black guy tried his best not to seem interested in talking. Why? because the white guy felt the need to use a ghetto accent even though he was white and clearly not from the ghetto. So for all you white people out there stop changing the way you talk to fit in with other groups your embarrassing the rest of us.