So things are a bit slower at work this week than last week. Unfortunately I have fallen ill and can’t fully enjoy the down time. I had to call out on Tuesday for health reasons. Yesterday I put in a full 9 hours because I needed to get so models out to OXO by today. Now it’s Thursday and I still feel like donkey. I think I might go home early if I don’t have to learn to weld. poop

The first dport7 sponsored party was a full success. People/ members showed up in full short short outfits. It was a beautiful june night with the temperature just right and the high-fi in the background. Many of our guests ventured to Hell’s Kitchen from as far way as brooklyn and for that we thank them. I think everyone had a great time and no one got hurt. Except for rebecca who got kick in the face but that was at a concert before the party. Dport7 would also like to welcome a new arrive to the New York crew Kate Rybicki who was also present at the party on her second day as a “new yorker”. Thanks everyone for making the short shorts party so fun.

So Saturday was my last day at the Apple store. I will miss it. All the free stuff was nice. Anyway I guess I have to concentrate on my TODA job. So here’s what i did I bought a palm pilot . I don’t know. Anyway in other news Kate is moving here on friday. How exciting. So thats the news fool.

So it’s official the social event of the season is upon us. The 1st Annual dport7 Short Shorts Party. Only the fashion elite and members of club dport7 will be attending. So if you would like to be apart of this special event become a member at joinup or just click joinup on the bottom of the page. If you do you will be one of the luck people the receive this special invite. Trust me this one will be off the donkey.

So if you haven’t heard the heat here in New York has been out of control. I got back from the Apple store last night and what do i see hanging out of our window but and brand new high power air conditioner. With the apartment being so small the air spread fast and the unbearable heat became a nice mild temp. Today I’m enjoying a burrito and the secret to my success. Always a killer 80’s flick on a sunday afternoon.

sorry for the lack of word faithful. Work has been kicking my ass all week. As you can see by my post time it’s late and I’m still trying to make things happen. Anyway not much more than that. I’ll try to make some fun happen this weekend so i have something interesting to talk about.