so today was pretty good. first off i saw santa clause riding a lobster down the block from me. yeah for real I’m looking out the window a work and what do i see but a huge santa clause riding a lobster like some kinda santa lobster cowboy. So that was huge right. Then to make things better i was taking the trash out at work and i found this huge bag of records that my boss was throwing out. First off I learned my boss used to love the band YES. Second i got some great albums. Number one…… SPORTS by Huey Lewis & The News (awesome)… Number two…. The soundtrack to Risky Business wow is that one cool….. It was like some kinda 80’s injection and friends I think I over dosed.
1. huge santa in april riding a lobster
2. Huey Lewis & The News, and Risky Business no longer is it hip to be square

Where does weekend go? So friday I worked on my stuff. Saturday was selling at Apple all day and nerding out in the evening. Sunday some how made myself sleep in and went to american apparel to buy some short shorts. (see picture below) The plan is to have a short shorts BBQ at the end of MAY. Why you might ask? I’ll tell you why because it’s hillariouse. So if you want to come to the BBQ buy your short shorts today.

So i have fridays off now. I’m taking the time to put my stuff back together….. so yet again I can send out for jobs. unfortunately i end up having MTV on in the background. It seems that the people on that network just keep getting younger and younger. The truth of the matter is that I’m getting older. Do I stop watching…….NO…No i don’t.

so the other night i went to BK and ordered the “tender crisp bacon chedder ranch” and to say the least it was the best sandwich ever. I was influenced to buy this sandwich by Hootie and Brook Burke they star in a commercial for Burger King that makes me want to continue living. I realize now that in the professional world it’s all most impossible to be cool or creative. This commmercial is both of those. I’m sure you’ve all seen it but if not I’ve put it put on the site. So click on this picture of Brook to see the commercial that will make you smile, happy , and fat all that the same time. Atleast i know that somewhere out there someone is cool and funny and makeing money doing it.

So last night I was on my way home from a evening out and I saw hope on the trees. Yes the lifeless city has started to bud and I couldn’t be more excited. To me a sign of hope. A rebirth if you will. Oh i also went and saw my friend cool ethan’s band camilla they gave me a free t-shirt and it was cool. Maybe we can work something out so i can go on tour, man I want to go on tour so bad with a band. To me it’s the coolest thing a person can do. right?

So I tried to quit my job today. Let’s just say i didn’t. I got talked out of it. Super intellect was used against me and I crumbled and said I was kidding and I guess that means I’m staying. Oh man.

OH man, So it’s spring! In New York that means it’s not as cold and the sun comes out every other day. Soon the gray of the city will be littered with spots of green. This weekend is suppose to be beautiful . So last night i was suppose to meet ian and some friends in Brooklyn heights for some show, and i got lost. ian left the directions on my phone and I, in a inebriated state deleted them. REAL SMART KILLER. So everyone thinks I’m a flake and just skipped out. People love me, or they use to.

Yeah so today is my day off from work i guess. So I’m sitting on the futon here in the apartment just kind wasting the day. So anyway I guess the big news of the week is that I got a hair cut. Yeah, well to be honest it just kinda got out of control. So other than that I guess it’s just been kinda slow. I guess I’ll put up a picture of the cut.