so today is a sad sad day for paul. Today I bought a DELL. Yes, well I had to, alright. I got a good deal the entire package with monitor and everything. I just hate the fact that i had to buy a Dell just so I could do 3D modeling. It’s something i have to do so i guess I have to live with it. Anyway check out the picture below for the sad visual state of my new modeling machine.

As you may have noticed dport7 has started an new program “JOIN UP”. This is a effort by the staff to create a more inclusive feeling on the entire site. The membership is free and you receive a free dport7 membership card in your email, along with joining the list of other members that are already enjoying the benefits of being a dport7 card carrying member. Email updates is one of the biggest and most beloved new programs of the membership. SO join your fellow dport7 faithful, refresh your browser and click on JOIN UP to start your future today……

So the internet in my apartment has completely gone out. Hence NO blogs and an angry paul and ian. There is some good new though my video camera broke. i took it to Best Buy and with the service plan I bought I received a brand new sony camera. It has night vision and it shoots in wide screen. Thank you Best But for being so cool. With the new camera watch for a new movie on dport7 coming soon!

I got my hair cut today. Well here’s the thing the dude that cut my hair had the worst BO in the world. Of course I was sitting and his arm were above me whirling around my head to cut my long over grown hair. If the BO wasn’t enough my good man was a “stabber” meaning with each cut he seemed to thrust the scissors into the back of my neck. Long story short when he asked me what I thought of the job I told him he was the best ever and ran from the Barber Shop with slightly shorter hair, and tears in my eyes.

So the internet here at the Apt. has been out for a few days and dport7 has suffered. Anyway earlier last week dport7 lost an good friend to the west coast. Our friend Shannon Knepper has moved from NYC back to Seattle. She will be sorely missed by the entire staff and we wish her the best in her Graphic Design career. The entire dport7 staff poured out a beer for our hommie shannon this weekend.


like magic dropping out of the sky and slapping me in the face, on monday one of my wisdom teeth pop out of my gums and announced to the world that in-fact he was a late comer (as far a wisdom teeth go). So now i got half a tooth hanging out of my gums and for the most part providing a awkward pain to my already awkward face. What’s next an arm growing out of my back?