Ok so i don’t know if anyone noticed but the Oscar Nominations were announced earlier this week. I would just like to point out that the dport7 film “run for it” was not giving an oscar nod. Both Ian and Paul were snubbed for their performances in “run for it” and “dank”. As usual oscar has only paid attention to the large budget features. am I saying it’s fixed? Yes!

So for those of you that live in New York City or have spent some time here, you understand how awesome the subway is. Well that is until last Sunday. What happened you Ask? Some homeless guy got down into the employee only area of the subway inner structure and started a small fire to keep himself warm. Long story short it took out the electrical system for the C train. What dose this mean? Well now all the people that ride the C train are forced to ride the A and E train! That’s 10,000 more people a day on the E and A. Now I have to cram into the E train with billion people everyday. I think we all learned a lesson here! SPACE HEATERS FOR THE HOMELESS!!!!!!!!!

Wow what a weekend. Winter is pissed off and it took out it’s anger on New York City and the east coast. That’s right everyone it’s a foot of snow here in NYC and your friend paul has been making his way through it. Snow can’t stop me though, nor the Apple store. The weather also can’t keep me from having a good time. Saturday was a small apple party at becker’s house and let me say I think we all had a great time, and made a few friends on the way. (check out the pictures in frames)

So i tried to post a blog the other day about this amazing burrito i had but i forgot to click publish. Sorry. Anyway i have divided up the pictures (in frames) for the new year. So now you can enjoy pictures from 2004 and 2005 separately. Other than that it’s going to be a long day at apple today. Were supposed to get a foot of snow here in New York but it hasn’t started yet and to be honest i really don’t think it’s coming. Maybe i just have a bad attitude.

Has the world gone MAD? I say yes, it has. Today on my morning walk to work I passed by a dog dressed better for the cold than I was. This little dog had a thick sweater on along with one of those North Face type puffy winter coats. May I please remind society as a whole that DOGS HAVE FUR, and ARE MEANT TO LIVE OUTSIDE. I don’t have fur, (I’m hairy as most guys are, but I wouldn’t qualify it as fur) so take the money that your spending on your dogs clothes and donate it to the Keep a Paul Warm Foundation! Thank you.

So today was kinda exciting. i went to work and found out that i will be the proud owner of the new iPod Shuffle. Apple is giving them to all the store employes. I don’t really know what I’m going to do with it, but i do know that I’ll have to continue working until I receive mine. As you all know free stuff is my favorite kinda stuff. Check out the picture below to see the merchandise.

so I’ve got the day off today. That’s right no Apple and no TODA. I would like to say that I have gotten a lot done, but I haven’t done anything. I’ve made the excuse for myself that’s it’s rainy and cold outside so i shouldn’t leave the house. Man if I don’t do some laundry at some point today I’ll be naked in new york soon. right

it’s official everyone waiting for paint to dry is the worst thing ever. I’m back at TODA today after a nice 2 week christmas vacation (nice). The tea kettles have come calling again and I’m here late to answer their cry.

Happy New Year. Well it’s 2005 and may I just say we ushered it in with true dport7 style. To say the least we had a good time. The good news is that brian, ian, and i didn’t end up in jail. I’ll put some pictures up when i can. Anyway good luck everyone, it’s a new year.. right?