Now tell me why underwear costs so much. I got just 2 pair up underwear for $20 dollars last weekend, and that was on sale. This purchase price puzzles me. Why in gods name should the smallest piece of clothing I wear cost as much as a t-shirt. Sure one of the pair had snowflakes on them but still should it cost that much to be privately festive? What’s worst is that I’ve heard that ladies underwear cost even more. This entire situation is an outrage.

The holidays are upon us. I guess we should all be excited, well not all of us. Those of us that work retail see the holidays as a hot iron being pressed against our face, but we can’t scream in pain we have to thank the iron for burning us and tell it to have a nice day. Last night was my first taste of holiday bliss. A man came in the store and asked us to fix his Ipod. I told him there was a line and he throw his iPod on the floor and stormed out of the store…… Merry Christmas, it’s a bitch.

So today I had an interview with Alternative Design they are a multidisciplinary design firm. The interview lasted 20 min. Either I talk way too fast or the guy just didn’t like my stuff at all. He kept referring every project as “fun”. I don’t think that referring to a design project as “fun” is a compliment. Although I can’t be sure.

So i think i’ve turned the corner on this cold. I’m still kinda weak and tired but I can function so i guess I’m good to go. With NO days to rest I’m a bit worried it might come back, but I’m tough. I’m back at the Apple Store this weekend so please direct all your iPod questions my way.

today i battle the sickness. I believe it’s a cold. It was just a matter of time really. It seems everyone in new york has been sick in the past few weeks. I always feel bad calling in sick but i have to work at the Apple store tonight so i have to rest. Anyway enjoy the sick picture. Oh i also got some birthday picks from (Scotsman) ian so check out the frames

So I had a good birthday. Sorry to say I have NO pictures, I forgot my camera. Thanks to everyone that showed up. Nancy Whiskey Pub was the site of the fun. The Dport7 staff would like to thank Scotsman Ian for the Sun Flowers (that wasn’t weird at all). I would also like to thank my new Denmark friend Mika for the Bunny Suicides book (sounds weird but amazing). Ok I’m out.

This has been my first weekend at the SOHO Apple Store. In a word crazy. They sell more stuff in an hour than most stores sell in a month. I work in the iPod section and have answered every iPod question known to man. To say the least I’m tired.