So the Red Sox won the World Series…. I guess all is right with the world…It seems that everyone thinks anything can happen now. Red Sox win: cancer is cured. Red Sox win: Peace in the middle east. Red Sox win: paul gets a job… Oh people are silly.

So Kate left tonight, I and New York will miss her. On the way to the airport tonight the FOREIGNER , song “I want to know what Love is” came on the radio. I alerted Kate to the fact and then shortly after the Cab Driver “from god knows where” busted out singing along with the song. I don’t know if he was singing in english but either way it was unintelligible as a language. It did although follow the tune of the song quite well. So ride in cabs you never know what will happen.

So i guess there’s lots of stuff i could talk about, but I’d like to take a moment to write about the Boston Red Sox, they have made a come from behind miracle run to “with any luck tonight” force the Yankees into game seven. They are fighting the good fight to stop those evil Yankees and i applaud their efforts. I know most of my reads don’t care but I thought it needed to be said. Watch and support the sox.

there is no other way to put this: Today was shitty! First off i had to do only bitch work today at the office. I didn’t realize i was the maintenance man intern!. Then the post office closed early for no reason and on the way there some dude spit out of his car at me. Oh well there’s always tomorrow, when I will again have a chance to become famous…

I live in New York City…….and yes I’m lame i don’t really go out because I don’t know anyone. So it’s saturday at 11pm and I’m ganna go out and get a beer in total boredom ……..I just thought you would like to know………..sorry.

So here’s the thing: today i decided that being a smoker has more perks than i think people realize. I mean think about it “smoke breaks” it’s like the “right” to go outside and talk with your fellow smokers every hour or so. While those goodie goodie non-smokers stay inside and work. The 5 minute break gives you time to clear your head and step away from the drone of the day. Ah smoking if only I had the guts to commit. In short: does 5 minutes every hour make up for smokers cough and cancer? It may.

So things have hit rock bottom I’m sitting here on a sunday night watching HBO indemand. So the thing is I’ve seen all the movies and I can’t bring myself to watch “regular tv” I’ve been “in Demand” and i can’t go back. So now I’ve been regretfully stricken to watching sex in the city. That’s right I’ll say it I’ve been watching. I gotta say it has it’s moments. I’ll leave it at that.