I know it’s been a while but I only got 2 days left, and I have to put my portfolio together in the evening of these last two days so paul=stress. Thanks again to Martin for commenting on the lack of content on the site. Sorry faithful..

Wow was today slow. I decided not to go to the office to do extra work. Instead I stayed home and taught myself some illustrator rendering. I did on the fun side go and buy "The Sure Thing", a classic 80’s movie, I might dare to say it’s John Cusack’s best. I recommend it for a good laugh..

Good news everyone, i got a good email today. Prime Design in NYC emailed back and said I could come in for a interview. So in other words i might get an interview in NYC….Hooray. I figure with that and the anti-depressants (that are working) I might make it another year….

Again the staff at dport7 has received a request for more content. The staff has answered back with a treat for the faithful. WHEN YOU CLICK on the icon below you can download a wallpaper or background for your personal computer compliments of dport7…………………so right on…..

My parents were visiting the last few days, as always a great time. I’m on my own today and I’ve found my self watching MTV’s NewlyWeds. If MTV needs someone to act like an idiot, i don’t see why they don’t use me. I could provide off the wall comments with subtle humor tucked in. I’m also a great dancer….ask anyone…..

so i realize that my last few entries have been less than happy or for that matter funny. I’m kinda in the last leg of my trip here and to be honest the excitement has slowed to a stop. I’m also what is called a winer..Keep your eyes on the count down i know i will…

today I’m a train wreck I just want all this to end……surprizingly the response from the last entry was less than over whelming. So as of right now the carpet sales is still at the top of the list. thanks for the ideas everyone…..

faithful I need a change…some excitement, some thing. Dport7 leaves california at the end of the month and the staff couldn’t be happier. Unfortunately the job/internship prospects are low. MAN I HATE THIS………I think I’ll become a carpet salesmen I love the carpet industry….. If the faithful has any job suggestions please send your ideas….

That’s right friends that is a picture of me and the GoldFish-mobile. I think we can all take a sigh of relief, because things are seeming to get better for paul…….the fish is the proof…