So it’s been a few days. Can’t say anything cool has happened. I played basketball and fell down. I’m going to Defiance to hook up my grandpa’s new eMac. Maybe I can buy some excitement on the way……..Help

I had a lot of down time today and to be honest i got alittle board. So i started thinking about the future. Far ahead when there are too many people. Too many mouths to feed. The color of the room changed and i realized Soylent Green is PEOPLE………….NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

When did it get to be difficult to get a credit card. All through college paul stayed away from the evil credit and now that i want one, They pull the whole let’s wait 30 days for a response. Why? I’ve got a shining credit record. I owe no one money and I like to think I’m a pretty nice guy. So eat it mister VISA, my debit card and I are cooler than you any day of the week.

So I need the help of the dport7 faithful…..When I went to New York I called this firm GGNY and asked about an interview for an internship opportunity, I got an email on friday that stated that they are expressing interest in me coming back for an interview. WHAT TO DO…..should i blow like $500 and get a flight next week or just be like your loss GGNY fools???? What to do What to do ……… Oh and by the way I hate my cell phone….200 minutes over. Killa

Don’t worry faithful dport7 readers, I’m fine. I know it’s been a few days. Kate came for a few days and set me free from the grips of my computer. We had a fun time even though we were in Cincinnati. That’s all you need to know. Anyway we went to looking for cool stuff and I found this fox washing his hands. I guess you’d say he/she is washing his paws but hands makes me laugh more. It’s a cover to a little blank book and it cracks me up. Hooray….

Yesterday I was at the Nasdaq building in time square in New York it was cool. I was on the second floor looking down on the street thinking that I wasn’t a peon but ten minutes later I was back to peon status.

So I just got back from New York. No, for all your readers out there Ian did not win the super prize of the Staples contest. That’s cool though he still walked with some cash. I love the big apple its always a good time i just wish I knew someone that wanted to move cause I’d be in. Bad news design firms shut us down but then hey what’s new. Sleep..