Happy New Year everybody!!!
We had quite a time last night!!
We went to The Black And White Masked Ball over in Fortgreen. The best part of the night was our after party at No.7. We all put our party skills to the test and succeeded.

As always all the staff at dport7 wants to wish you all the best in 2013!!


Let me fill you in on the weekend. The big event was the Spring Fling party at the Woolworth Building. It took place on the ground floor in this bar area called the Wooly. It was a party Megan knew about and brought us along. It was pretty under cover stuff. The thing with parties like that is there are a ton of people and the DJ is usually a massive douche bag, this was no exception. It was fun though, there was plenty of people watching to be had as it was a formal party. That’s right I got to don my blue velvet sports jacket again and of course it was a hit!!! It was tough for Kate and Megan to compete with that glorious blue velvet but the both looked lovely as always. All in all it was a great time and I will certainly be down for another of those Wooly parties. I included the video invite for the party. I just watched it and it seemed kinda stupid. I wouldn’t bother if I was you just posted it for posterity.

Sunday Kate and I took it easy and went into the city to get new headphones and lunch. We visited The Standard Grill which is another people watching experience in its own right. The kind of folks that hang out at the Standard Hotel are seemingly very rich and very foreign. The Grill is a crazy small space off the main restaurant and it’s extremely busy. The good part is the street art in that part of town along with the awesome new Supreme posters up in the are sporting Kate Moss.
Lastly on the way home on the subway after lunch saw this guy bringing back the Play haircut from Kid N Play. It was amazing so I tried to snap a picture when he wasn’t looking.

Standard Bloody Marys

Amazing Supreme Kate Moss Posters

Meat Packing District Street Art


This weekend was the annual Bear Mountain Oktoberfest trip. As we have done the past few years we took the Metro North to the Peakskills stop. We had a good group this year and as always the trip was a full success. There were a few highlights though. Ben made a special trip all the way from San Francisco for the day. Kate and Megan gave Sarah a Sons Of Anarchy type leather jacket with a “Full Patch” wolf and feather. Which was amazing. I had a waffle.
Every year as a group we make a pact. After Bear Mountain when we get back to Grand Central the group will disperse and rather than trying to keep the party going in a vain attempt we will all go home. I’m saying in this public forum that I did everything in my power to keep that pact. However others in the group broke under party pressure. We visited Heathers and forced the day on for another hour or so. It turns out Hearhers maybe closing due to neighbor complaints of noise so in the minds of the pact breakers this was reason enough to visit.
All in all it was a great day! Thanks to everyone that made it out. And to those that missed it, for shame!!!!

Kind of a lot happening this weekend. We went to Beacon NY to check out the Art Museum DIA. Funny story none of us really like art museums. As always it was filled this kinda off putting art that only the true modern art douche bags can defend. We did our best to see the entire place. The space was amazing, an old factory with wood floors massive amounts of space really nice. After the museum we walked into town and saw some stores and went to lunch. All in all a pretty nice day away from the city. Enjoy the pictures

Sunday was the Jets game. Billy and his Jets Army were nice enough to invite me to the game and to take part in all the pregame goings on. The Jets took down the Jaguars pretty easily so it made for a pretty happy group. I’m pretty sure I met like 50 people but can’t hardly remember anything. I think you’ll be able to tell from the pictures it was a pretty full day of party. Before Sunday I had no football allegiance what so ever. Now I’ve emerged a Jets fan. J….E….T…S jets jets jets….. why not.

What a huge weekend!!!! My brother Dr. John Diehl threw out the first pitch at Wrigley Field in Chicago home to the Chicago Cubs.
Kate and I had quite a whorl wind weekend spending Friday in the IL country side visiting Kate’s family. Then heading back into the city on Saturday morning to drop off our rental car and stash our stuff at Brian Lauvray’s house. Then run to Wrigley Field. We got there in plenty of time and got to go down on the field with everyone before the pitch. Then with the help of the crazy telephoto lens I borrowed from Billy was able to get some great close up shots of John living the dream.
After the game we met at the Cubby Bear across the street for some hangout time. It was great to get to see and meet everyone.
Then Kate and I head back to Brian’s place to visit and crash!!!
Big thanks and congratulations to JOHN!!!!!!!!!! We had the BEST time EVER!


It’s octoberfest time of year again and we succeeded! You know theres not a lot to say about a trip like this. We boarded the train at grand central and in an hour arrived up state at our destination. It’s always a beautiful time of year to head up there. The trees have just started to turn, it’s not to terribly cold or warm. We all get a stein going an before you know it the day is over. Sure there’s a bit of polka dancing mixed in, but for the most part it’s over in a blink of an eye.If you couldn’t join us this year, plan on it for 2K11. See you then!!!
Pictures are posted in the flickrs section of the site in the menu bar above. enjoy.