Hey everyone Happy Easter. We had a pretty nice time here. Thanks to everyone that came over. The beautiful cupcakes from Michelle. The traditional Lamb of God cake from Megan. Kate made the Easter favorites ham, potato salad and corn casserole. Over all a huge Easter success.

Easter 2015

I have off of work till the 5th of Jan which for me is insane. Having all this free time is my dream come true. Yesterday I went to the park and flew the drone around. Flying in the park was sooo much fun it’s embarrassing.
Ok first, there was no one in the park yesterday so I have a lot of shots of the ground. Second its really tempting to fly as fast and as wild as possible which makes for not the best video. The camera points down and can’t be adjusted so if there isn’t anything going on on the ground there isn’t much to see.
Check out the video this is super fun, let’s hope I don’t upgrade. The video is a bit less than sharp, but for what it is it’s amazing!!

Well, Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday everyone!!
We were in Ohio this Christmas and had a lovely time.
Yes, even at 34 I still get a Christmas toy. This year was a Drone with a camera on it.
I love it it’s pretty easy to fly and I’ve already introduced it to ButtFuzz.
Check out the video, it’s not super crisp but without investing way too much money I think it’s pretty great.

As you may or may not know We went to Denver this year to spend Christmas with the Rybicki’s.They generously invite my best good friend Brian to spend the holiday with us which makes for a wonderful Christmas time. Below is a video of Brian showing all of us how to do a Christmas Cart Wheel. Besides the Cart Wheel miracle we also visited the Coors Plant in Golden CO. As well as attend a Denver Nuggets game (thanks to Brian). The other main event was the most difficult puzzle ever created which me could not Finnish and almost drove us all crazy. Also let’s not forget the Brown Palace as well as a wonderful Christmas Dinner prepared by Mrs. Rybicki
Great big thanks to the Rybicki and to Brian for making this a great Christmas.

I hope everyone had a nice long Memorial Day Weekend!! We certainly had a nice Memorial Day (the rest of it was cold and rainy). We had a bunch of us to Prospect Park for a cook out. Busted out our little grill with a few beers and some football and Hi-li throwing. Here are a couple of pic I shot at the end of the day. Enjoi!

Hey everyone I wanted to apologize for not posting a dport7 Happy Easter. We usually get the holiday wishes out loud and proud here, but this time the staff was distracted. Good friend of the site Brian Lauvray was visiting both for Easter and for the release of the new GIJoe movies “GIJoe Retaliation”. The visit was good and the movie was terrible!!

In keeping with dport7 standards and practices the staff has worked hard to pull some highlights from Brian’s visit together in one of our signature Interview Videos. We did our best to make something watchable. Let me know if you make it all the way through.

In an effort to elevate the holiday excitement we had a few folks over to color eggs earlier in the week. I’ve posted the winning egg below. Check our the instagram page to see some others.


Here we go with Christmas 2012!! Stay tuned to dport7 for all the Kate and Paul Chritmasing you can stand. I’ll be posting pics on this post till the 26th!!
Merry Christmas!

For Christmas buttFUZZ received a Christmas outfit. She’s too fat. So it no fit????????!!! Thank you to Kate’s parents for this amazingness!!

It’s funny, I forget how much fun it can be to edit these little movies together. I had some time on the plane to Montreal yesterday and took a shot making something with a tiny bit of footage I had from Jon’s visit. It was cut together with iMovie for iPhone.

Anyway this is a little interview I did with Jon when he was here last weekend over the Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy!