So last night Kate and I went to see Wilco at summer stage in central park. The most impressive thing is how much the lead singer Jeff Tweedy sounds like the album. Its as if they record their album and never touch it in post. Just amazing. The only thing I found a bit off putting was that most of the songs ended on a full out jam session. Now don’t get me wrong its good but sometimes songs need to just end.
We really had a great time.
It was kinda funny we were standing next to some friends and had no idea until she got up on her husbands shoulders to not only see but rock. Crazy!
I can’t help myself I took a little video for you so you can see what it was like.

So last night we yet again broke out the poncho’s for a concert. Much like All Points West of 2008 Kate Megan and I stood in the rain and did our best (well kate tried a lot harder than Megan and I) to have a good time. We saw the Decemberists at the band shell in Prospect Park. I, in a move that could only be called stupid took the B Train to Parkside and walked across the entire park in the rain no umbrella. Kate and Megan got to the show early and tried to set up camp but the rain was a bit to persistent. I snapped a few pictures for documentary sake.
BTW, We got another screen printed rock poster with date and venue to add to our collection so thats cool.

The joys of being well enough to leave the house are still echoing through my body. As all of you know Kate and I have had colds for the last 4 months straight, just trading back and forth getting better getting worse. Well, I’m happy to say I think all that business may be behind us for the season.
In what felt like a peaceful prison break we left our apartment to find what we thought to be a bit of culture. To be fair after being down and out so long you can’t just leap back into your hedonistic ways. In an unusual turn Kate got us tickets to a play at BAM to see the “great” Geoffrey Rush in “The Diary of a Madman” written by Nikolai Gogol. It’s 2 hours of Mr. Rush on stage pretty much alone acting like a “madman” from Russia in the 1830’s. Now, to be fair we don’t really like theater much and comedy from 1830’s Russia tends not to hold up, but Mr. Rush gives it his very best. From what I could tell the only people laughing were older intellectuals that see this as their duty as cultured members of society to not only pretend to understand this sort of thing but to appreciate it on a level that us “regular folk” just never could. The truth is we only went to see Oscar Nominated Geoffrey Rush from “The Kings Speech“, and we did that so it’s a win I guess. If your thinking about going I would brush up on you 1830’s pop culture and work on concentrating on understanding an English accent (yes i know Geoffrey Rush is Australian, he sounds english to me… back off)

I’m other exciting news we did a move out style clean on the refrigerator today and it is magnificent. Threw away all the crap and pulled out all the shelves, scrubbed the whole thing down and put it all back together. I consider this a massive accomplishment and owe almost all the credit to Kate for getting us started. Check out the photo of it below.

Lastly, incase you missed it I sent out the stickers yesterday to be made!!!!!! The entire internet is a buzz about the stick ‘n tweet dport7 stickers….. get excited and get ready!

OH…….. One Last Thing I rendered a highRez image you can use as an desktop. It’s Mr.ButtWash with his huge spray can!!!!

So remember a few posts ago when I was talking about the New Pornographers show Kate, Megan, and I went to? Well if so this is amazing. I was saying how tired they seemed and how Neko Case had a melt down. Well it turns out we weren’t the only ones to notice. New York Magazine heard about it too, and put it in their weeks Approval Matrix. I was able to find it online and posted it here for you. Click on the image for the entire Approval Matrix.

So on Monday Kate, Megan and I went to se the New Pornographers…….. again. I know we just went a few months ago but this show just kinda popped up so we thought what the hell. It was all going ok till the female lead singer Neko Case had a bit of a on stage break down. After what was maybe the third song Neko announces to the crowd that the band is off to London tomorrow and it is very possible they are all going to “die”. This seemed strange so she went on to explain that things weren’t going so well. She’s recently turned 40 and in the past few days her house caught fire, her boyfriend broke up with her and she got in a car accident. This I think would give anyone the down charlies but to announce it on stage was a bit of a bummer. The Drummer pipped up and announced that if Neko thought 40 was bad she should try being 43. Apparently when the drummer turned 43 his dog died and he was no longer able to make his house payments. YES, this was all on stage. Needless to say no one likes a debbie downer and this was the equivalent of taking a no fun dump on the entire show.
It was clear the band was tired and this show felt like a difficult end to what seemed to be their american tour. They still sounded good it just seemed as if they were rushing through the songs a bit. I can’t blame them for being tired. In a way i feel a bit of lesson learned. Never go see a band at the end of the tour and except the energy level to be at the max.
As always I cut together a bit of video from the show for the dport7 records. Sadly I didn’t get the melt down on tape. Maybe next time.

On Monday night Kate fulfilled a long time dream of seeing one of her favorite Musicians Aimee Mann in concert. I was along for support as I haven’t listened to much Aimee Mann and thus not a qualified fan. The show was at a smaller venue in Williamsburg Brooklyn called the Music Hall of Williamsburg. It was completely sold out as Aimee seems to have a rather loyal fan base. I recognized a couple of songs, one of which is in the second half of the posted video below. One thing that was very impressive was how well Aimee sang. She sounded as if they were playing a recording under her. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the show it’s always great to see someone that is so talented even if it isn’t your not a huge fan. The video below is more for the dport7 record than anything else so if your not already a fan I’ll warn you it’s a bit long.

So last night Kate and I went to see Belle and Sebastian in Williamsburg. It was an out of doors show and there was a huge rain storm threatening the area. Somehow, and I can’t believe this happened but the rain held off. We were supposed to get pounded with bad weather, but it seemed to go around us. It was a great show. I had my concerns being that Belle and Sebastian are indi sweethearts and it may be a hipster douche fest. I think Belle and Sebastian might be too old for the new crop of hipsters in the city. They have become hipster passé if you will.
They played a great set hitting just about every album and seemed like pretty cool folks. I took a bit of video with my iPhone not knowing how the quality would be. The sound turned out great I wish I had filmed a bit more. enjoy!