This weekend I witnessed a new chapter being written in modern history. A very very good friend to dport7 Brian Lauvray participated in the legendary Chip Inn chili cook off. You may ask, “Paul is this cook off sooooo prestigious it’s by invitation only?”. Possibly I didn’t get the details on that. That’s not what’s important in this story.
What’s important in this story is that a hometown boy built his way up the chili mount and conquered it with the positive intensity of a jungle cat. It’s the story of a unlikely chili loving underdog battling his was through adversity (possibly with a musical interlude) to make good on a dream. It’s a story of a guy that lives down the street from a local bar that’s having a chili cook off and decided to participate. And participate he did! All the way to second place. But I’ll tell you right now he came in first place in the hearts and minds of a little bar called the Chip Inn!
As you may be able to guess we had a pretty good time. Seriously congrats to Brian on bring home second place at his first chili cook off. And a great big thanks for letting me hang out and dog and double cat sit on the coldest weekend (of my lifetime) in Chicago.
Check out the pic below from my quick trip.


So this weekend a bunch of us went up state to our friend Liz and Jeff’s place. They had a wonderful cook out. The lot of us were out of control, and I have the pictures to prove it.
We had a great time and it was great to see everyone.

Everybody in the grass.

Well I hope everyone had a good 4th. Kate and I certainly did. For the first time ever after countless invites we went to visit Jon Schulman down in our Nation’s Capitol Washington DC. To our delight we had a very good time on this visit. Jon and his girlfriend Katie NoNo gave us several tours of the city. They were kind enough to include us in their 4th of July festivities with fireworks watching on the roof. As well as take us for a sail on Jon’s sail bout. Of course Kate and I got sea sick almost immediately because we are turds that way. They even took us for a walk around The White House after dinner on Friday. All in all a lovely time. Enjoy the pictures below!

Captain Jon get’n really serious

Hey everyone I wanted to apologize for not posting a dport7 Happy Easter. We usually get the holiday wishes out loud and proud here, but this time the staff was distracted. Good friend of the site Brian Lauvray was visiting both for Easter and for the release of the new GIJoe movies “GIJoe Retaliation”. The visit was good and the movie was terrible!!

In keeping with dport7 standards and practices the staff has worked hard to pull some highlights from Brian’s visit together in one of our signature Interview Videos. We did our best to make something watchable. Let me know if you make it all the way through.

In an effort to elevate the holiday excitement we had a few folks over to color eggs earlier in the week. I’ve posted the winning egg below. Check our the instagram page to see some others.


Happy New Year everybody!!!
We had quite a time last night!!
We went to The Black And White Masked Ball over in Fortgreen. The best part of the night was our after party at No.7. We all put our party skills to the test and succeeded.

As always all the staff at dport7 wants to wish you all the best in 2013!!


The other day Jew was in town with this lady friend Katie NONO. I took some pictures. They were her and staying at the Ritz Carlton, Kate and I have never been there and don’t plan on staying there so it seemed like an appropeiate time to shoot some photos. Sadly I had the wrong lens with me so it was difficult to get it all in. #lessSchulman

In other news I’ve been trying to do a new look on the site. I hope you like it. I really wanted the two column design back.

It’s funny, I forget how much fun it can be to edit these little movies together. I had some time on the plane to Montreal yesterday and took a shot making something with a tiny bit of footage I had from Jon’s visit. It was cut together with iMovie for iPhone.

Anyway this is a little interview I did with Jon when he was here last weekend over the Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy!

So last weekend in a word was CRAY (“cray” is how the kids have shortened the word crazy to be cool). I for reasons I find hard to explain went winter camping with my good friends Billy, Vitor, and George. Well to be fair it’s not that hard to explain. The city has made me into a bit of a weenie so I do these excursions to make myself a bit tougher.

We got to the camp site at about 3pm on Saturday to find the temperature to be a nippy 19 degrees. I was worried to say the least. Don’t worry I went to REI the night before and got some Long John’s (which I promptly renamed Long Paul’s) I also got some new gloves and the thickest socks I’ve ever seen. After walking to the camp site which isn’t too far we started to gather all the wood we would need for the fire. If you ever go camping with Victor you learn quickly that it’s impossible to gather too much wood for the campfire. As the day light slipped away we stared the fire and started in on drinking the only liquid you can bring to a campsite that is far below freezing (pictured below). Couple of quick highlights, a assortment of fire works were set off. Many unintentional falls. A fire pass out (we’ll leave that there). Delicious sausge fajita. Lastly an amazing thermos of Hot Apple Rye Cider and 3 LBs of cured meats. I think the pictures tell the rest of the story pretty accurately. Billy snapped most of these as I decided it was far too cold to try and operate my camera. I can’t say I regret that choice. Oh one last thing. By the time our frozen feet got us back to the car the next morning the temperature was at a cruel 7 degrees. WOW! this might have been my first and last winter camping trip. cold!

the camp site

the fuel