oh, hello there I didn’t see you…..
Yes, I still hang around here…. sometimes.
The past few weeks have been rather exciting for us. Kate (my wife (said in ironic Borat accent)) got a new job at the great Eileen Fisher. Ending the chapter at Ralph Lauren..
Long story short back in 2012 Kate, Aaron, Alison, and I went to Napa. Just try going on a wine tour and not buying anything I dare you.. Anyway, we bought a lovely bottle from this small winery called Elizabeth Spencer. Having a special bottle of anything is kinda a curse really. It demands you find an event worthy of it’s consumption. That said, in reality a tough week a work is probably reason enough. Though with a special bottle from far away you need a good reason. It was established long ago that when Kate got a new job we would pop the cork on it.
It was still good and I took a few pics to commemorate the occasion. Congrats KATE!!

Hello everyone! I’m tapping this post out on the drive from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Denver, Colorado. It’s about a 6 hour drive, certainly nothing to sneeze at.
We spent the last few days in Santa Fe with Kate’s parents and their friends Fleur and David. It was a birthday weekend trip for Kate.

We took a day trip to see where Georgia O’keeffe had her home and studio. We also visited her second home about 20 minutes away at the Ghost Ranch. That’s where all the pictures of the NM landscape are from.

The next day was the Santa Fe Indian Art Festival. It was a lot of shopping. A lot of turquoise jewelry. And a lot of people. Kate and I got a rug which was nice.

Check out the pictures below, and a special thanks to Kate’s parents for the trip.

I always look like a turd when I pose

Check out the pana of Ghost Ranch