Day 2: Defiance OH > Hixton WI

Hello from the great state of Wisconsin! We left Defiance at 7am and pointed the van West. We drove to Byan Ohio and got back on 80/90 toward Chicago. We stopped for gas again and I forget the keys and gas cap on top of the pump again. Lucky for me this time I figured out the loss in 5 min so no disasters this time. Shortly after that, we got on 80/90 and the PopUp came loose and shot up into the air. Kate was driving and got us off to the side of the road before things got bad. Everything was fine. We aren’t sure how that happened. I guess we must have engaged the latch at some point. We are being extra cautious with it now. Must have been quite a sight.

We had one special stop in Rockford IL. Kate was born there and spent the first 5 years of life in a house on Harlem BLVD. I’ve heard a lot about it so we stopped by to take some pictures. The women that bought the house from Kate’s parents in 1989 still lives there and she came out and talked to us for a while.

We found ourselves and the end of the day in Hixton Wisconsin at the Hixton KOA which was lovely! The owners where super nice and the grounds were lovely and clean.

Saying goodbye to Mom and Dad

Kate at the famous Harlem Blvd house

The loveliest KOA

Day 1!!
Welcome to the 2019 Glacier National Park trip! In 2017 we made the ambitious trip to the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park and I did a terrible job documenting it. To be fair it was the first big trip in the van as I was stressed out!
This time is different! We have even more upgrades to the van and she is running like a top.

The trip started with Kate and jumping in the van at 6am on Saturday 8/3/19 to make our way to Defiance Ohio. For those of you that are on your game, you will notice that that date is Kates birthday. What better gift could one ask for than setting off on a monster adventure across the country!
We arrived in Defiance ay about 4:15pm that day with enough time to have a little birthday party and open some gifts. My parents were nice enough to prepare a little birthday jam. With a Mexican (build that wall) casserole and a beautiful Bert and Ernie cake to match the one, Kate had on her 3rd birthday.
It was a great (although short) visit. I borrowed my dads GoPro so maybe we’ll have some good video of our trip.

This was our lunch stop in Clarion PA : Pretty good,rough looking establishment.

So last weekend in a word was CRAY (“cray” is how the kids have shortened the word crazy to be cool). I for reasons I find hard to explain went winter camping with my good friends Billy, Vitor, and George. Well to be fair it’s not that hard to explain. The city has made me into a bit of a weenie so I do these excursions to make myself a bit tougher.

We got to the camp site at about 3pm on Saturday to find the temperature to be a nippy 19 degrees. I was worried to say the least. Don’t worry I went to REI the night before and got some Long John’s (which I promptly renamed Long Paul’s) I also got some new gloves and the thickest socks I’ve ever seen. After walking to the camp site which isn’t too far we started to gather all the wood we would need for the fire. If you ever go camping with Victor you learn quickly that it’s impossible to gather too much wood for the campfire. As the day light slipped away we stared the fire and started in on drinking the only liquid you can bring to a campsite that is far below freezing (pictured below). Couple of quick highlights, a assortment of fire works were set off. Many unintentional falls. A fire pass out (we’ll leave that there). Delicious sausge fajita. Lastly an amazing thermos of Hot Apple Rye Cider and 3 LBs of cured meats. I think the pictures tell the rest of the story pretty accurately. Billy snapped most of these as I decided it was far too cold to try and operate my camera. I can’t say I regret that choice. Oh one last thing. By the time our frozen feet got us back to the car the next morning the temperature was at a cruel 7 degrees. WOW! this might have been my first and last winter camping trip. cold!

the camp site

the fuel