Two post in one week!!! Intense.
I thought I’d share my first attempt at animation. Needless to say it’s complicated. I’m using 3 different 3D technologies to make this possible. Turbo is built in Solidworks as you may know. The animation is done in Modo. I use Modo because it imports the Solidworks better than other programs. Then to render the animation I’m using a program called Maxwell which plugs into Modo. Although it causes modo to crash a lot. I was able to steal some time this weekend to figure out how to get all these things to work together and I hope to have some more soon!
One thing I noticed I’m kinda sad about is that when Turbo jumps the floor seems to move with him. (fart sound)

Tonight our favorite jew, Jew Schuman called to wish me and the staff a Merry Christmas and left this message. The odd thing (and this may be because he’s Jewish) is that he sang “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” but replaced many of the songs iconic lyrics with the word buttFUZZ. The dport7 staff has sent our other Washington correspondents to check on the jew. Keep your finger crossed…. Or if you can form the Star of David with your fingers that might help him more.

So after what I might call the most stressful birthday of my life (work). I met up with Kate, Megan, and Chris for a quick Birthday drink and dinner at Essex. Then as I mentioned in my last post. Saturday was a joined super gay Birthday event. Megan, Sarah, Kate, Billy and I went to Long Island to Hot Skates for some fun that time forgot called roller skating. As you might expect there were some weird dudes hanging out at the roller rink. Along with a ton of kids. I’m pretty sure there may have been about 35 birthday party’s in progress. I felt like a weirdo creeper just being there. I would have taken more pictures but every time I took out my camera or phone the Hot Skates police (much like public pool lifeguards) came and took me down. There was also Neal HotSkate (owner of HotSkate) standing on the sidelines in a red sweater and a black turtle neck just yelling down happiness whenever possible.

We all then went to Benihana’s and I made you a dport7 video so you could share in the fun. Although I’m guessing you’ve been and may or may not have specific feeling about it. My advice is to embrace it and have the time of your life.

So this weekend was the NYC marathon. Kate and I went over to 4th ave to check it out. It’s about the 8 mile marker of the race so people should still be pretty fresh considering they still have 18 miles to go. Turns out that is not true. To be fair we got over there kinda late so we most likely saw the second half of the race, but people were hurting. I took some pictures of stupid people in costumes. I find this to be the single dumbest thing you could do in a race like this. For the love of God people isn’t this hard enough already?!!!! Anyway enjoy.
We are still recovering from our sickness so this all I got for you.

Alright folks put your nerd boots on this is ganna get weird. I found this site today
itfff that lets you create IF Then programs with api’s from lots of different web services. What does this mean? Well for instance you can tell it to set up an IF Then that when posting to instagram could also automatically post to twitter or facebook. I know what your saying. Instagram already can do that. Well that was just an example check out all the other pre-made programs there are. They might have something you can use. As a test I set one up to post to twitter every time I post to wordpress. Maybe that’s how you got here. Maybe it didn’t even work.
Take the nerd boot off now and go about your day.

I’m ganna be honest with you I’m a little disappointed…………. The entire staff was pretty confident this new ” HELP make a COOL Turbo tShirt” campaign was going to be huge…… in truth is been a bit underwhelming. Listen this is a real problem. To complete this new site renaissance we need new tShirts, stickers, and bags. I could just put the Turbo figure on everything as is but I thought you the creative community could really make the idea take off. Now don’t get me wrong this hasn’t been complete radio silence. One superman member of dport7, Jay Purugganan has stepped up to the plate and put together a piece for us. Thank you Jay! It’s posted below with pride.

Listen I know your sitting there reading this now feeling like a real turd! Well, do something about it! Put you creative mind on alert and make this shit happen. Here is a link to the original post with all the details and an AI download so you can make magic.
btw you may have noticed that annoying Turbo tShirt Popup is back. Well, send in a design and it will cease.