I know I’m late on this one. The pictures below show the incredible experience Dr. John and I had during his Bank of America All Star Game Mega Experience. As many of you know John uses his baseball credit card points to buy incredible baseball events. This time it was the Mets hosted All Star Game. It was 4 days of baseball cray!!

Day1: FanFest and Philharmonic in Central Park
Day2: The Futures Game and the Celebrity/ Legends Game
Day3: Meet Dwight Gooden and the Home Run Derby
Day:4 All Star Parade, Pre Game down on the field, and All Star Game

Hands down the highlight was meeting Doctor K Dwight Gooden. He was very kind to us telling stories from his
career, taking pictures, and signing baseballs. Amazing!! If your ever in a jam and don’t know what to talk to an retired ball player about. You better hope John is around because that guy has a gift for it!!
Thanks John!!!

John and I at the big ball at Fan Fest

Well this was surly the highlight of my day. Below you can see a snowboard that features dport7’s very own Turbo. In a week filled with an insurmountable amount of work to finished before we leave for L.A. on Friday. My co-worker and dare I say friend Lu brightened things a bit by incorporated Turbo into her snowboard design. She had it printed and applied in the sign shop next to our office. (Who knew?)
You will now be able to see Turbo gliding down the side of ski runs all over the northern east coast! Well done!!



So I’m a proud survivor of my second Jets game. Now, I know what you’re thinking “Paul you don’t know anything about football, hell you don’t even like football”. Your right I don’t, but with my new found gang of Jets fans I’ve changed my tune. Plus I got Kate to come to this game. Full disclosure Kate complained about going to the game all week. “It will be too cold” she said. “I don’t like sports” she said. Well her tune is changed as well, she had a great time. Dport7 want’s to give a huge thanks to Billy for being in a sense our Jets sponsor of sorts. The thing is that after going to college with no football team we never really got use to the early morning party that is tailgating. This really kick our asses and we have just recovered it now being Tuesday. We may not be able to handle another till next season but all and all we’d do it again!!!

Kind of a lot happening this weekend. We went to Beacon NY to check out the Art Museum DIA. Funny story none of us really like art museums. As always it was filled this kinda off putting art that only the true modern art douche bags can defend. We did our best to see the entire place. The space was amazing, an old factory with wood floors massive amounts of space really nice. After the museum we walked into town and saw some stores and went to lunch. All in all a pretty nice day away from the city. Enjoy the pictures

Sunday was the Jets game. Billy and his Jets Army were nice enough to invite me to the game and to take part in all the pregame goings on. The Jets took down the Jaguars pretty easily so it made for a pretty happy group. I’m pretty sure I met like 50 people but can’t hardly remember anything. I think you’ll be able to tell from the pictures it was a pretty full day of party. Before Sunday I had no football allegiance what so ever. Now I’ve emerged a Jets fan. J….E….T…S jets jets jets….. why not.