Alright so I tried another animation this weekend. This time I used the dynamics built into modo. What does that mean? Well so I animated Turbo turning and putting his arms up but the rest of it was built by the computer using real physics. As you can see in the picture below I placed the balls in the air above a ramp that bounced them into Turbo. Once that is set up and turned on you run the simulation and you have a nice dynamic randomized set of actions. Without having to animate by hand each ball individually.Really amazing.
I need to figure out how to get a bit better render quality because things should be sharper. I need to start putting things together in After Effects. Cough cough help!

Two post in one week!!! Intense.
I thought I’d share my first attempt at animation. Needless to say it’s complicated. I’m using 3 different 3D technologies to make this possible. Turbo is built in Solidworks as you may know. The animation is done in Modo. I use Modo because it imports the Solidworks better than other programs. Then to render the animation I’m using a program called Maxwell which plugs into Modo. Although it causes modo to crash a lot. I was able to steal some time this weekend to figure out how to get all these things to work together and I hope to have some more soon!
One thing I noticed I’m kinda sad about is that when Turbo jumps the floor seems to move with him. (fart sound)

I found this amazing video today that shows what goes into making handmade Louis Vuitton men’s shoes. Two things really impressed me about this video. 1: The number of stitching and pattern machines that go into making these things. 2: The amount of perfect hand work that goes into the shoe. Watch for the person that’s staining or gluing on the soul of the shoe. It would be sooooo easy to eff up the leather body by touching in the wrong place. Amazing…. This is why things cost so much. enjoy!

Last night Kate and I went to a Terrarium workshop in (wait for it) Greenpoint Brooklyn. I know this may surprise you but it was pretty fun. It was only about an hour long and they had all the supplies neatly organized for us and no one was over bearing as so often are in these situations. This all started because as you may know Kate got a hand blown Terrarium for her birthday and she wanted to get a little starter course on what it’s all about. Apparently they are pretty low maintinance so I’m taking mine to work to try and brighten up my industrially sad desk. Check out our creations below.
Check out the workshop as well TWIG

Kate’s Terrarium

Paul’s Terrarium