I have off of work till the 5th of Jan which for me is insane. Having all this free time is my dream come true. Yesterday I went to the park and flew the drone around. Flying in the park was sooo much fun it’s embarrassing.
Ok first, there was no one in the park yesterday so I have a lot of shots of the ground. Second its really tempting to fly as fast and as wild as possible which makes for not the best video. The camera points down and can’t be adjusted so if there isn’t anything going on on the ground there isn’t much to see.
Check out the video this is super fun, let’s hope I don’t upgrade. The video is a bit less than sharp, but for what it is it’s amazing!!

oh, hello there I didn’t see you…..
Yes, I still hang around here…. sometimes.
The past few weeks have been rather exciting for us. Kate (my wife (said in ironic Borat accent)) got a new job at the great Eileen Fisher. Ending the chapter at Ralph Lauren..
Long story short back in 2012 Kate, Aaron, Alison, and I went to Napa. Just try going on a wine tour and not buying anything I dare you.. Anyway, we bought a lovely bottle from this small winery called Elizabeth Spencer. Having a special bottle of anything is kinda a curse really. It demands you find an event worthy of it’s consumption. That said, in reality a tough week a work is probably reason enough. Though with a special bottle from far away you need a good reason. It was established long ago that when Kate got a new job we would pop the cork on it.
It was still good and I took a few pics to commemorate the occasion. Congrats KATE!!

So Kate and I were hanging at the bar with the wedding party last night in Aruba. Out of no where his come on the TV.
After what I feel is a series of crappy Volkswagen commercials this one is killer.
Please enjoy!

I know I’m late on this one. The pictures below show the incredible experience Dr. John and I had during his Bank of America All Star Game Mega Experience. As many of you know John uses his baseball credit card points to buy incredible baseball events. This time it was the Mets hosted All Star Game. It was 4 days of baseball cray!!

Day1: FanFest and Philharmonic in Central Park
Day2: The Futures Game and the Celebrity/ Legends Game
Day3: Meet Dwight Gooden and the Home Run Derby
Day:4 All Star Parade, Pre Game down on the field, and All Star Game

Hands down the highlight was meeting Doctor K Dwight Gooden. He was very kind to us telling stories from his
career, taking pictures, and signing baseballs. Amazing!! If your ever in a jam and don’t know what to talk to an retired ball player about. You better hope John is around because that guy has a gift for it!!
Thanks John!!!

John and I at the big ball at Fan Fest

I still have stuff to post from Boston and what not but I found this this morning and absolutely love it!!!! If anyone knows how I can get a job doing this stuff let me know!!! They used the same rendering program I do.. So in a million year I could do something like this!

The making of is interesting as well. You get to see all the things you couldn’t in the spot. ENJOY!

Alright so I tried another animation this weekend. This time I used the dynamics built into modo. What does that mean? Well so I animated Turbo turning and putting his arms up but the rest of it was built by the computer using real physics. As you can see in the picture below I placed the balls in the air above a ramp that bounced them into Turbo. Once that is set up and turned on you run the simulation and you have a nice dynamic randomized set of actions. Without having to animate by hand each ball individually.Really amazing.
I need to figure out how to get a bit better render quality because things should be sharper. I need to start putting things together in After Effects. Cough cough help!

So we walked down to the new Barclays Center the other day. The Barclays Center is the new home if the Brooklyn Nets (basketball). It’s located on Atlantic Ave. and Flatbush. With our proximity to the area we been aware of the goings on for the last year and a half roughly. The facade is a kind of rusted skeleton that wraps around the entire structure. This is a the most popular complaint from folks in the area.The issue there is the negative feelings people have toward rust. If you look at it as a texture and a color it does an impressive job a trying to fit in with its surrounding. If it was all shinny and chrome it would look like a spaceship landed on some brown stones.

After going and seeing the completed structure I think it’s something Brooklyn can be proud of. If for no other reason that its some of the most interesting modern architecture the city has seen in a long time. NYC suffers from some of the worst, most boring modern architecture in the world. There are only a hand full of building from the last 50 years that aren’t embarrassing on a global stage and this new Barclays Center is one of them.

We didn’t get a chance to go inside but the entrance creates such a dynamic overwhelming space I didn’t care what the inside looked like. One complaint is the subway entrance in front of the stadium. It looks and feels like a bit of an after thought. It’s too bad it doesn’t have a little more life in it. That aside I highly recommend jumping on a train to the Atlantic terminal checking this thing out for yourself.

I was on my way to work this morning and saw this cool street art just down from the Letterman Studio. I have no idea what it is but it’s a new favorite. This kind of stuff is one of the hidden treasures of New York (or any big city) that make it worth living here. What do you think should I make a Turbo street art posters? Take the Stick’nTweet to the next level. I’m feeling inspired by it.

Let me fill you in on the weekend. The big event was the Spring Fling party at the Woolworth Building. It took place on the ground floor in this bar area called the Wooly. It was a party Megan knew about and brought us along. It was pretty under cover stuff. The thing with parties like that is there are a ton of people and the DJ is usually a massive douche bag, this was no exception. It was fun though, there was plenty of people watching to be had as it was a formal party. That’s right I got to don my blue velvet sports jacket again and of course it was a hit!!! It was tough for Kate and Megan to compete with that glorious blue velvet but the both looked lovely as always. All in all it was a great time and I will certainly be down for another of those Wooly parties. I included the video invite for the party. I just watched it and it seemed kinda stupid. I wouldn’t bother if I was you just posted it for posterity.

Sunday Kate and I took it easy and went into the city to get new headphones and lunch. We visited The Standard Grill which is another people watching experience in its own right. The kind of folks that hang out at the Standard Hotel are seemingly very rich and very foreign. The Grill is a crazy small space off the main restaurant and it’s extremely busy. The good part is the street art in that part of town along with the awesome new Supreme posters up in the are sporting Kate Moss.
Lastly on the way home on the subway after lunch saw this guy bringing back the Play haircut from Kid N Play. It was amazing so I tried to snap a picture when he wasn’t looking.

Standard Bloody Marys

Amazing Supreme Kate Moss Posters

Meat Packing District Street Art