I have off of work till the 5th of Jan which for me is insane. Having all this free time is my dream come true. Yesterday I went to the park and flew the drone around. Flying in the park was sooo much fun it’s embarrassing.
Ok first, there was no one in the park yesterday so I have a lot of shots of the ground. Second its really tempting to fly as fast and as wild as possible which makes for not the best video. The camera points down and can’t be adjusted so if there isn’t anything going on on the ground there isn’t much to see.
Check out the video this is super fun, let’s hope I don’t upgrade. The video is a bit less than sharp, but for what it is it’s amazing!!

Well, Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday everyone!!
We were in Ohio this Christmas and had a lovely time.
Yes, even at 34 I still get a Christmas toy. This year was a Drone with a camera on it.
I love it it’s pretty easy to fly and I’ve already introduced it to ButtFuzz.
Check out the video, it’s not super crisp but without investing way too much money I think it’s pretty great.

So this was exciting!! In an effort to cut out some of the clutter that has been creeping its way into our small Brooklyn apartment. I had, stole, or borrowed, the idea of finding a old Hi-Fi credenza from my grandparents era and filling it with all the technology that surrounds a more modern entertainment system.

I’ve been hanging around eBay looking for a particular mid-century modern hi-fi credenza. As luck would have it I found the one I’d been looking for in a town just outside Detroit and the bid was $150. It’s a very clean Mid-Century modern design. With speaker cabinets that have foldable slats to access the sound or keep a clean look. There were 3 days left and I was certain that the price would shoot up as the end of the auction approached. I went to work early one morning to watch the final moments of the auction. As it turned out because the seller refused to ship (pick up only) the bids never increased. I got this beauty for $152!!!!!

My parents in their infinite willingness to help out agreed to head up to Detroit and pick it up. As it turned out I needed to travel to Ohio for work so I took a weekend to head home for a visit and start updating the credenza with some of the new technology to bring it up to date. (Please see the chart below. Items not to scale). The key component was the receiver. I rewired the record player and the original radio into it. Along with ripping out the original speakers and putting in the new bookshelf klipsch speakers. Which easily fit in the speaker cavity. After doing that basic setup I headed back to Brooklyn and my parents in there aforementioned willingness to help out. Drove the credenza up to us the next weekend.

As we waited for the unit to arrive I excitedly tore down the gigantic Ikea unit we had painfully constructed 4 years prior. In my hast to deconstruct the monster I forgot to take a picture of it packed full of knick nacks and books that added to what seemed to be a overwhelming wall of stuff. It took about 15 minute take apart and about 6 trips up and down the stairs to get out of the apartment.

When the credenza arrived it was pretty much ready to go. I hooked up the speakers put them back in place. Hooked the TV, Apple TV, and the original radio and record player into the receiver. I also found room for the Time Capsule that runs our wi-fi network as well as the cable modem. Thus leaving no set top boxes visible.

The key component that makes the entire plan possible is the Logitech Harmony Remote. It’s completely capable of being setup and controlled from the phone. It has a IR blasting hub that is connected to our wi-fi network and can turn on all the devices and set them to the correct input. It also uses a simple remote that uses RF so it need not be able to see any of the devices or even the hub to turn things on or control the devices.

I’ve posted some pictures below. I hope you enjoy them. This has been a really fun, and relatively simple project. (If you don’t count all the miles traveled to make it possible). A super special thanks goes out to my parents (Tom and Linda) for all the driving and help making this a reality.

Ikea super turd (before)

New much smaller hifi credenza (after)

All the new tech inside!!!

So I don’t know if you saw my post last week with the new space helmet theme, but i hated it. It just didn’t turn out the way I had hoped. Sometimes that happens and when it does you move on. So I did. I decided to do something that made a bit more sense for me. The cool thing about this one is I used Modo and a skeleton rig I built inside Turbo to pose him. He’s a bit tessellated but for my first test run at rigging up a posable character I can’t complain. I liked it so much in-fact that I made you (and mostly me) an iPhone background so you can take it with you. Click on the image below to get a full-size download. (for those of you not on iPhone (BLL) send me your resolution and I’ll send you one).

The other day Jew was in town with this lady friend Katie NONO. I took some pictures. They were her and staying at the Ritz Carlton, Kate and I have never been there and don’t plan on staying there so it seemed like an appropeiate time to shoot some photos. Sadly I had the wrong lens with me so it was difficult to get it all in. #lessSchulman

In other news I’ve been trying to do a new look on the site. I hope you like it. I really wanted the two column design back.

Alright so I tried another animation this weekend. This time I used the dynamics built into modo. What does that mean? Well so I animated Turbo turning and putting his arms up but the rest of it was built by the computer using real physics. As you can see in the picture below I placed the balls in the air above a ramp that bounced them into Turbo. Once that is set up and turned on you run the simulation and you have a nice dynamic randomized set of actions. Without having to animate by hand each ball individually.Really amazing.
I need to figure out how to get a bit better render quality because things should be sharper. I need to start putting things together in After Effects. Cough cough help!

Two post in one week!!! Intense.
I thought I’d share my first attempt at animation. Needless to say it’s complicated. I’m using 3 different 3D technologies to make this possible. Turbo is built in Solidworks as you may know. The animation is done in Modo. I use Modo because it imports the Solidworks better than other programs. Then to render the animation I’m using a program called Maxwell which plugs into Modo. Although it causes modo to crash a lot. I was able to steal some time this weekend to figure out how to get all these things to work together and I hope to have some more soon!
One thing I noticed I’m kinda sad about is that when Turbo jumps the floor seems to move with him. (fart sound)

So on Sunday for no reason at all I decided that dport7 needed a little freshening up. As you might have noticed I went out and got us a brand new theme. It always takes a little while to make a new theme your own but I’m well on my way. I know it’s been a little while since I posted. I thought this might be a good thing to do in the mean time till something exciting happens for me to talk about. The only thing I can’t decide on is the lack of a side column to display my tweets and what not. Although it looks much cleaner with this single column. Watch for changes I’m hoping to keep on this. I can’t decide on a background to save my life.

Alright folks put your nerd boots on this is ganna get weird. I found this site today
itfff that lets you create IF Then programs with api’s from lots of different web services. What does this mean? Well for instance you can tell it to set up an IF Then that when posting to instagram could also automatically post to twitter or facebook. I know what your saying. Instagram already can do that. Well that was just an example check out all the other pre-made programs there are. They might have something you can use. As a test I set one up to post to twitter every time I post to wordpress. Maybe that’s how you got here. Maybe it didn’t even work.
Take the nerd boot off now and go about your day.

So the other day I drew a picture of a whale with a horn. Kate told me there was such an animal I did not believe it but it’s true. The Narwhal is indeed real and the horn is infact a bone. I like to think that maybe it’s a tooth. I made Turbo a new friend named Nutsy the Narwhal. I’ve also made you a downloadable iPhone wallpaper so you can take Nutsy with you everywhere you go. Enjoy the wallpaper and the new banner. Oh and don’t forget about turbo I reposted his iPhone background for you as well.

click for full size download