Listen I know there are other things I could be posting about here…. For one, a couple of weeks ago we were with the family out in Montauk and it was lovely. This past weekend we were with Kate’s parents out on the lovely island of Nantucket.

In this case though I’m posting a crowd pleaser. WNYC is doing a video series on Bodega Cats:Bodega Cats in NYC. It’s voiced by the owners and it’s the best. Bodega cats are known for their badassness. This just spotlights a few throughout the 5 boroughs.

I also added my Nike+ info back to the site. Notice “runs” in the menu on the left. It’s every run I’ve done and it will continue to update. Much more often than this site!

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking and you’re right. It’s not normal to make all these cat videos and post them.
I can’t defend myself on this one.

Buttfuzz has acquired this blue whale that she loves to play with. What’s amazing is that little fat turd can really move when inspired. Moral of the story you ask?….. Get yourself a blue whale, and start living.

Also, in case you missed it, here’s a picture of Kate singing into a stuffed goat.


This is going to seem kinda sad. Yes for the second week in a row I’m posting about our cat. Please feel free to do any and all hurtful name calling in the comments below. I’ll try to justify it. Kate’s still not quite over her cold yet so we are taking things easy. The weather pulled a fast one on us and decided to be both cold and rainy. To be honest I just haven’t had an idea for things to do fearing the wrath of sickness that seems to see looming with so many people at work sick along with Kate.

Anyway we got buttFUZZ a harness. I know what your thinking “why!?”. Well that is a valid question.
1. We were board. Siting inside all weekend feeling poopy can really take it’s toll.
2. Wouldn’t it be great to take the little guy outside once and a while. She is stuck inside all the time. Some fresh air would do her some good. Even if it was just our roof top.

It was a tough transition to say the least. There was a lot of walking backwards and general freak out. It’s been a couple of hours now and she has seemingly gotten used to it for the most part. Although it has throw off her equilibrium a bit. Not as graceful of a jumper if you get what I’m saying.


So we’ve had a bit of a slow weekend. Kate’s had a little touch of a cold (no reason for concern she’s already feeling much better). With that said though we’ve taken things pretty easy. One issue we have been forced to face (when I say we I mean Kate) is the affinity that buttFUZZ has for Kate’s hair. Whenever Kate is trying to sleep the cat tries to eat her hair and it’s odd at best.

I start by saying your welcome…….. and I’m sorry. I know there is way too much buttFUZZ around here………
The thing is:
1. she’s crazy photogenic.
2. she’s got far too may qwerks and wackiness to go undocumented.

Todays qwerk is about oranges. Fuzz is fascinated by them while being completely repulsed at the same time.
As always enjoy.

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted an arbitrary buttFUZZ video. The thing is my camera takes such beautiful video and I never use it. When buttFUZZ starts acting crazy it’s video time. Also as we all know one more cat video is just what the internet has been waiting for!

If I know you, you’re totally looking for a new tumblr blog to follow. More specifically a tumblr blog run by Kate where she puts up daily images of everyone’s favorite cat buttFUZZ. Yeah for you buttFUZZ haters out there this is ganna be a hard pill to swallow. The rest of you are bout to have the best internet experience of your life. Enjoy the pictures and just be happy you don’t have to live with the cat devil that is buttFUZZ! Your probably thinking, “Paul, do not get my hopes up! Kate’s started blogs in the past and after a few months game over!”. This is a bit different Kate is able to run the entire thing from her iPhone. From taking the picture to posting it’s all done with almost 0 effort. She already taking tons of buttFUZZ shots so why not share them with the world.
Click on the link below to make this happen!

So as you may have heard Kate and I adopted a cat a few years ago that has Charlie Sheen tiger blood running through it’s veins. The crap this cat pulls makes wild apes look like droopy eyed armless children. She smokes 7 gram rocks a day because, well that’s how she rolls. Needless to say this causes trouble for us around the apt. Last Sunday buttFUZ was involved in the shattering of Kate’s iPhone. This was in the truest sense a disaster. Kate was crushed, buttFUZZ was banished and I was left to pick up the pieces. So it turns out you can order iPhone parts off the internet at this great site called Direct Fix It. They have parts for everything, front panels, back panels ipods, cables, tons of stuff. Long story short we ordered the part and I video taped us changing it out. Nerds enjoy.