Last weekend Kate and I went to Aruba for my friends Mark and Lindsay’s wedding. Aruba is the place you go to lay on the beach drink I the best beach beer in the world Amstel Bright and occasionally soak in the bright blue ocean. It was an amazingly relaxing couple of days. Most of these pictures were on Instagram so you might have seen them already.
I couldn’t help but post the video of Mark dancing to “Call Me Maybe” as it seemed unlikely.

Last week found us in Portland Maine to attend Billy and Sarah’s wedding. Kind of an epic journey. We drove up on Wednesday early in the morning with Megan, Ben, and Chris. We went up early for 2 reasons. 1, Kate and Megan were in the wedding. 2, Megan made the wedding cake and had an epic battle ahead of her to complete it.
The wedding was on Friday and it was lovely. We had a great time. Check out the pictures. Thanks for inviting us guys!

So as you’ve read we are in Puerto Rico for Kathy’s wedding. I’ve been walking around hanging out with the locals taking pictures for you. Check things out.
We are at the airport (our personal gitmo) and I’m trying to get some more of the pictures uploaded. The wedding was lovely, Kate looked amazing in her maroon bridesmaid dress as expected. I don’t want to say Kate and I brought the party but Kate brought out some of her signature running and flailing dance moves. She also had to verbally reprimand the DJ for being a douche (3 times).
Yesterday we had some time to go into Old San Juan and walk around. We found a fort and got in 20min before it closed. It was kind of amazing I posted a few pics below.
We are happy to be headed back home. ButtFUZZ claims she doesn’t remember what we look like anymore.

So as I type this it’s 5 in the am and we are here at JFK international airport waiting at the gate. On our way to San Juan Puerto Rico for Kate’s high school friend Kathy’s wedding. Both her and her soon to be husband are Dr. in chemistry, so we should have plenty to talk about. I once saw on CNBC how to make meth so maybe I’ll drop that knowledge. Although I think they left out some key parts.


So I just lost the last post I typed put here on my phone. So this one is ganna be short. Blame the WordPress iPhone app for being kinda crap.
Anyway, we are here at the Atlanta airport struggling. Last night was to put lightly intense.
Kate and I attended my college roommate’s wedding. Joe and I were roommates for all four years of college. He had his wedding in beautiful Destin Florida. It was on the beach and it was beautiful. We’ve never been to a beach wedding before but it was honestly really beautiful. We had the reception on the deck of the hotel by the pool. Everything was great. It was so fun to hang out with Joe and Martin again. It was also great to get to meet Joe’s new wife Danielle again. The fire really didn’t effect anything. Although the rubble was still smoldering we hardly even noticed it.
They had a great turn out for the after party that went on maybe a bit too long. Only one of the grooms men ended up spending the night in jail (true) so if you run the numbers I think we came out ahead.
Thanks to Joe and Danielle for inviting us everything was beautiful and we had an amazing time.

Here we are in the airport LGA (dirtballport) on our way to Destin Florida for my college roommate Joe’s wedding. Now I’m not sure exactly how the story goes here but from what I can tell Wednesday night the hotel restaurant next to the pool burned to the ground. Not just a kitchen fire I’m talking full raging flame fire. Joe posted these shots on face book and they are pretty intense. I don’t know where the wedding is to be held but hopefully not out by the pool next to the rubble. I will add more facts as I go.
In other news I’m working on restoring the last 5 years of dport7 photos to the site. It’s a bit of a process but watch the menu bar for years to appear.
I’ll keep you posted.

so YOU CAN NOW LEAVE COMMENTS AGAIN!!!!! I think i have the thing figured out so with any luck NO MORE SPAM. So NO MORE NEED FOR A WORDPRESS Account to COMMENT. I miss you guys and I’ve started blogging again so lets make this happen.

In other news Kate and I got back from Philly this morning at 8:40am just in time for work. A bit of advice if you are taking the train from NYC to Philly pay the extra cash for the Amtrak. We took the NJ and the PA transit on the way there and a 1 hour trip turned into 3. Never the less that’s not what this is about. Kate and I attend our friend Jenn’s wedding. It was the first Jewish wedding I’ve ever been to and let me just say those folk have fun. They had a live band that was insane. 5 singers on stage doing just about every pop song you could think of. Not just singers it was a full band. Let me key you into something. If you want to have a fun wedding splurge for the live band. They almost force people to dance, but in a good way. A DJ just doesn’t have cache of a but rock band and never will. Long story short we really had a great time and are so glad Jenn and Wayne included us.

Is it just me or is dport7 gasping for air. The infrequent post the global take over of Facebook and Twitter. Personal blog are dropping off the face of the internet by the hundreds. I’m trying to keep this ship afloat but it’s harder and harder every year. either way it’s still a log of my life so continue I must.

So, there is a lot to talk about. First the triathlon! I survived although not by much. I started my leg of the race (the run) at about 10:30 or 11am and by then it was already 95 degrees. Let’s just say that I made it and leave it at that. Kate on the other hand was a star. She was a pro on the bike like she does this every week.

The next weekend found us in the middle of no where Wisconsin for Ian and Pink’s wedding. Everything was lovely they both looked great and had a genuinely picture-esic wedding. see the pics below along with my flicker It was great to see the Swanson’s along with Big John and Aaron and Allison. Brain was also there from near by Chicago.

Lastly Check out this video I found today. It makes you glad that somewhere out there someone is doing something cool.