Day 1!!
Welcome to the 2019 Glacier National Park trip! In 2017 we made the ambitious trip to the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park and I did a terrible job documenting it. To be fair it was the first big trip in the van as I was stressed out!
This time is different! We have even more upgrades to the van and she is running like a top.

The trip started with Kate and jumping in the van at 6am on Saturday 8/3/19 to make our way to Defiance Ohio. For those of you that are on your game, you will notice that that date is Kates birthday. What better gift could one ask for than setting off on a monster adventure across the country!
We arrived in Defiance ay about 4:15pm that day with enough time to have a little birthday party and open some gifts. My parents were nice enough to prepare a little birthday jam. With a Mexican (build that wall) casserole and a beautiful Bert and Ernie cake to match the one, Kate had on her 3rd birthday.
It was a great (although short) visit. I borrowed my dads GoPro so maybe we’ll have some good video of our trip.

This was our lunch stop in Clarion PA : Pretty good,rough looking establishment.

We went to Antigua in the Caribbean last week to escape from the hell of the NYC winter. Now I know “Canada and Chicago are way colder”! But I don’t care winter sucks and we got out. Although we only got out moments before yet another winter storm. We had to think quickly to adjust our flight to leave the evening before we had planed. Luckily it all worked out and we got to Antigua safe and sound, only 2 hours later than we had planned. We stayed as the Sandals Resort……. so what it was all inclusive and a decent deal for late booking. Any way enjoy the pictures. Just a couple because most of the time was spent laying on the beach. We only had 2 days.


Hello everyone! I’m tapping this post out on the drive from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Denver, Colorado. It’s about a 6 hour drive, certainly nothing to sneeze at.
We spent the last few days in Santa Fe with Kate’s parents and their friends Fleur and David. It was a birthday weekend trip for Kate.

We took a day trip to see where Georgia O’keeffe had her home and studio. We also visited her second home about 20 minutes away at the Ghost Ranch. That’s where all the pictures of the NM landscape are from.

The next day was the Santa Fe Indian Art Festival. It was a lot of shopping. A lot of turquoise jewelry. And a lot of people. Kate and I got a rug which was nice.

Check out the pictures below, and a special thanks to Kate’s parents for the trip.

I always look like a turd when I pose

Check out the pana of Ghost Ranch

What a crazy trip!!! First off we all most got “snowed” by Snowicanne Memo. Our flight was suppose to leave Friday the 8th at 9pm and by Thursday at 2 it had already been cancelled. We didn’t let that get us down. We rallied hard and got rebooked for Saturday afternoon at 5. The pain of losing a day of vacation stings pretty bad. Especially when it’s a short trip to begin with.

Sunday had us up early looking for celebrities of which we saw none. So we set off for Pasadena and the Rose Bowl. There is a crazy flee market there once a month and even though I wasn’t in the market for any garbage I had fun just hanging out in the stadium with Kate Aaron and Alison. In an unbelievable turn if events best good friend of dport7 Brian Lauvrey happened to be in Santa Barbara and was oddly enough going to the very same flee market that day!!! He joined up with us and spent the rest of the day with us while his Santa Barbara friends shopped for furniture.

Monday we went to Venice which Kate and I loved, along with Santa Monica which felt a bit touristy. They are only about five minutes from each other. I’m still having a hard time with the geography of the area as neighborhoods changed quickly. In Santa Monica good friend of dport7 Josh Niegle of Hearts and Lazerbeams fame joined us for the afternoon. His klout is off the chain!

Tuesday our last day found us hiking up the Hollywood hills to the iconic Hollywood sign. It’s a pretty good hike walking all the way up and back but we did it. Although arguably the most touristy thing we could have done it was fun. I snapped some great pictures and got to see some great terrain.

That evening Kate and I met up with her good friend and former coworker Mandy who is always great to see. For dinner we met up with my old college friend Dan to hear a bit more about what living in LA is like.
It was a quick trip. Sadly no time for skateboarding but maybe next time. Check out the pictures!


We are back from San Diego and I don’t want to say I’m devastated, but I’am sad. It’s pretty tough to come back after a trip like that. The coast is so lovely and the people are so nice its roof stoof flying back into Newark.
That said it was great to see San Diego. I’ve never been and Kate grew up there. The Zoo is great Balboa Park is amazing, as well as the Hotel Del. Kate and I stayed downtown but her parents stayed at the Del so they showed us around. We went out to Point Loma to see the light house. Then up to Ocean Beach, and La Jolla to see the sea lions. The last day Kate and I were on our own so we rented a car and drove up the coast again. We stopped in Ocean Beach so I could live the dream of skateboarding in a California Skate Park. It was great. I’m out of practice and kinda shitty but it was fun just to try. If only I lived there I could go all the time and still be decent even into my 30’s. We had a great time. Enjoy the pictures!!!

This weekend was, (what I’m told) our now yearly family trip to Montauk. As always it was a lovely time. It’s a lot of siting on the beach and then moving to the pool. Kate and I love the sun so it makes for a good time. As some of you may know John (my brother) joined us this weekend and so we made it a 3 day trip to mark the occasion. My parents rented a condo in the “Surf Club”a lovely establishment. On Friday we made a go of an activity and tried to do some ocean fishing. Although we all were eager to participate almost immediately the sea sickness over came John, Kate, and I so the trip was called at the two hour mark. In that time we managed to catch some crazy big fish so it wasn’t a total loss. The other bonus is the the pictures we took make it look like a perfect super fun fishing day. Sadly Kate is not in these shots as she was feeling it almost instantly.
All in all a lovely time. Great big thanks to Mom and Dad for having us out to enjoy the beach with them! Stay tuned for 2013.

So we made it to Singapore at around 6:30am. I have to be honest I’m so tired right now I feel like my head is in a cloud. Ian came to pick us up at the airport. The flight was super smooth, but unbelievably long. We are tring to stay up because in a few hours we head back to the airport to fly to Bali. That’s about a 2 hour flight. We are game day players. We walked around the botanical gardens this morning and the only picture I could muster is below. Ian took it he said the waterfall made us look youthful…. that’s a lie.
Watch for Bali pics tomorrow.

What a huge weekend!!!! My brother Dr. John Diehl threw out the first pitch at Wrigley Field in Chicago home to the Chicago Cubs.
Kate and I had quite a whorl wind weekend spending Friday in the IL country side visiting Kate’s family. Then heading back into the city on Saturday morning to drop off our rental car and stash our stuff at Brian Lauvray’s house. Then run to Wrigley Field. We got there in plenty of time and got to go down on the field with everyone before the pitch. Then with the help of the crazy telephoto lens I borrowed from Billy was able to get some great close up shots of John living the dream.
After the game we met at the Cubby Bear across the street for some hangout time. It was great to get to see and meet everyone.
Then Kate and I head back to Brian’s place to visit and crash!!!
Big thanks and congratulations to JOHN!!!!!!!!!! We had the BEST time EVER!


As you might have seen we where in Savannah this weekend. Some of you know Jenn and Martin and their hijinks. As it has been discussed I’m not a fan of that hipster ironic mustache crazy! So, Jenn wore her hipster mustache necklace, Martin brought a pack of fake mustaches, and Steph drew a mustache on a munny I had just to enrage me. Well, it worked…… well done!!! Rather than let them have the satisfaction of my rage I participated thus the pictures of me in said stache documented in the last post. We made a little video for your ironic enjoyment I hope you like it!!!