Let me bring you up to speed.

1. We started playing tennis. Take bets on if this will last.
2. I’ve had an eye twitch in my right eye for 2, yes 2 weeks. Going crazy.
3. Got promoted at work to “Associate Director of Industrial Design”.
4. My friends Billy and Sarah got engaged. Congrats.
5. I’m pretty sure my terrarium is completely dead! What the eff!!
6. Spent a significant amount of time being mad and talking about how stupid “Occupy Wall Street” is! Stupid kids.
7. Really busy.

I feel as if I need to record this are it is my first experience with the natural event that is the almighty EARTHQUAKE. Today at about 2:03pm I was sitting at our office lunch table with a group of coworkers and all of the sudden the table started to shake back and forth as if someone was pushing it with their foot. This was strange because the table is connected to the countertop and is also bolted into the cement floors. After a moment someone asked who was doing that and then we started to feel that same movement in the stools we were siting in. That’s when we all screamed “earthquake?” in a sort of incredulous bark. After getting up from the table and walking into the office I could see the track on the ceiling that holds up a dividing curtain swaying as if someone had jumped up and hit it. This is when the fact that I had really experienced my first earthquake sunk in. In that moment a low rumble of freak out came over me. Although it wasn’t a large enough quake to cause any real damage it was enough to give me a strange feeling of powerlessness. One of which it became clear how little control you have over random events of nature.
For more information on this 5.8 whopper check out the NY Times.

Well everyone I finally found a reason to visit Poland. In the city of Poznan, Poland, where 11,000 lanterns took the skies like a swarm of glowing jellyfishes, pushed into the air by the flames burning inside their nimble bodies. I’m sure the U.S. would pass laws banning such careless fire balls but Poland in their fearless defiance of wildfires made this awesome!! Enjoy! I wish I could participate but me no speak the polish.

In other news my cousin Krissy is preggers! The entire dport7 staff wish a hearty congratulations, and all the best!

Hey everyone. So this weekend I was reading some photo blogs sent to me by friend of the blog Jay. They suggested everyone have the Canon 50mm lens (pictures below) in their collection as it is cheap, small, and light. A great walking around lens, and handy for shooting video. Instead of going to B&H we went to Adorama which we found to be much friendlier and altogether a nicer experience. Anyway check out some of the pics I took last night with it. Kate made some delicious salmon and buttFUZZ was there to.

So the other day a co-worker sent me a link to this great new little travel grill. Perfect for the park in the summer. We currently have a little crappy travel grill that we got from the Kings Pharmacy around the corner from out apt. This thing in contrast looks awesome. The company that makes it is called Fuego and looks as if they have pretty significant grill experience. The thing that scares me is that it’s available for pre-order only and the website is kinda shitty. Either way it looks cool, pick one up for yourself if you have a small living space but like to cook out in the park.

I know what you’re thinking….. Where has the “talented” Jon “Jew” Schulman been throughout this entire Help Turbo initiative? Well, for most of it he’s been sitting staring wide eyed into the computer screen blankly. But the other day I received an email with count them 3 half ass designs for the new Turbo t-shirt. I think he might have misunderstood the project but non the less one of these made me laugh so I’m going to share them with you. Remember it’s time to take this into your own hands download the help Turbo file before Jon strikes again. Thanks man!

I don’t know if you’ve seen this but this should make you fall in Love with Brian Williams (if you haven’t already). This appears to be some kinda douche news 2010 recap. Joe Scarborough is talking like a complete tool about the iPad (enough already the iPad is great! Steve told us to buy one and we will. RELAX!) Brian Williams of NBC nightly news goes off about how the New York Times discovery of Brooklyn is the years biggest news story. IT IS Hilarious and just Wonderful! To have a major news anchor with such a sense of humor is truly a gift! Enjoy!

I’ve been meaning to share this with all of you! This is a series of commercials from Panda Cheese out of Egypt. They are hands down the funniest things I’ve seen all year. Please do yourself a favor and watch these masterpieces.