So this was exciting!! In an effort to cut out some of the clutter that has been creeping its way into our small Brooklyn apartment. I had, stole, or borrowed, the idea of finding a old Hi-Fi credenza from my grandparents era and filling it with all the technology that surrounds a more modern entertainment system.

I’ve been hanging around eBay looking for a particular mid-century modern hi-fi credenza. As luck would have it I found the one I’d been looking for in a town just outside Detroit and the bid was $150. It’s a very clean Mid-Century modern design. With speaker cabinets that have foldable slats to access the sound or keep a clean look. There were 3 days left and I was certain that the price would shoot up as the end of the auction approached. I went to work early one morning to watch the final moments of the auction. As it turned out because the seller refused to ship (pick up only) the bids never increased. I got this beauty for $152!!!!!

My parents in their infinite willingness to help out agreed to head up to Detroit and pick it up. As it turned out I needed to travel to Ohio for work so I took a weekend to head home for a visit and start updating the credenza with some of the new technology to bring it up to date. (Please see the chart below. Items not to scale). The key component was the receiver. I rewired the record player and the original radio into it. Along with ripping out the original speakers and putting in the new bookshelf klipsch speakers. Which easily fit in the speaker cavity. After doing that basic setup I headed back to Brooklyn and my parents in there aforementioned willingness to help out. Drove the credenza up to us the next weekend.

As we waited for the unit to arrive I excitedly tore down the gigantic Ikea unit we had painfully constructed 4 years prior. In my hast to deconstruct the monster I forgot to take a picture of it packed full of knick nacks and books that added to what seemed to be a overwhelming wall of stuff. It took about 15 minute take apart and about 6 trips up and down the stairs to get out of the apartment.

When the credenza arrived it was pretty much ready to go. I hooked up the speakers put them back in place. Hooked the TV, Apple TV, and the original radio and record player into the receiver. I also found room for the Time Capsule that runs our wi-fi network as well as the cable modem. Thus leaving no set top boxes visible.

The key component that makes the entire plan possible is the Logitech Harmony Remote. It’s completely capable of being setup and controlled from the phone. It has a IR blasting hub that is connected to our wi-fi network and can turn on all the devices and set them to the correct input. It also uses a simple remote that uses RF so it need not be able to see any of the devices or even the hub to turn things on or control the devices.

I’ve posted some pictures below. I hope you enjoy them. This has been a really fun, and relatively simple project. (If you don’t count all the miles traveled to make it possible). A super special thanks goes out to my parents (Tom and Linda) for all the driving and help making this a reality.

Ikea super turd (before)

New much smaller hifi credenza (after)

All the new tech inside!!!

So it’s been a tough week. Kate and I have had the sickness that is ravaging NYC. My entire office is sick. They’ve been dropping like flies all week.

Anyway last Sunday Kate and I had to fix the sink because after a month or so of ignoring the fact that it was taking longer and longer to drain it stopped all together. Now I know how much you love when I make boring videos. I was sure to get this one on tape for you. Remember that video I did of that guy drilling out the lock on our door? That was boring BTW this was another video shot, edited, and posted all on the phone. I love this thing! Totally edited this on my way home on the subway. Enjoy!

Yes….. The 10K went well. Saturday Megan and I ran the “Rock’N Roll” 10K in Prospect Park with 6000 other people and our supporters Kate, Sarah, Billy, Eliane, and Zeus (Billy’s dog). I’ve never run in a race this big before and it was a challenge. Just too many people I kept having to jump up on to the grass to pass people and stay on pace. I wish I would have been a little faster I finished the race in 54 minutes. I included a map below to show you the course. It’s not quite two laps of the park but its pretty close. The guy that won the race ran the 6.27 miles in 28 minutes which I find to be completely insane. I saw him pass the crowed at a devilish speed. It was a good race Megan and I both felt good about it.

I included at the end of this post a better pic of the newly painted spare room. Please enjoy.

This weekend was truly exhausting. Kate and I repainted the spare room in the apartment. It was a blood read before painted by the pervious tenants. It looks like they must have stole a can of paint from a homeless man then just throw it at the wall with their eye closed. Even the picture below shows what an incredibly bad job they did. We used Benjamin Moore Aura which is amazing. If you ever have to paint a room please use this paint. It almost did the job in a single coat. Very impressed. The room is a clean light grey now and it makes a world of difference. Come on by and check it out. I’ll take a better shot with the wide angle this weekend when it’s nice and sunny.

We also participated in a 5K in the Bronx this weekend. It was to help me prepare for my 10K on the 22nd (this Saturday). I wasn’t repaired for the off road running that was this 5K. All up hill all on gravel. I have to say I much prefer the asphalt loop around the park. No chance of my old skateboard ankles going out.


So as you may have heard Kate and I adopted a cat a few years ago that has Charlie Sheen tiger blood running through it’s veins. The crap this cat pulls makes wild apes look like droopy eyed armless children. She smokes 7 gram rocks a day because, well that’s how she rolls. Needless to say this causes trouble for us around the apt. Last Sunday buttFUZ was involved in the shattering of Kate’s iPhone. This was in the truest sense a disaster. Kate was crushed, buttFUZZ was banished and I was left to pick up the pieces. So it turns out you can order iPhone parts off the internet at this great site called Direct Fix It. They have parts for everything, front panels, back panels ipods, cables, tons of stuff. Long story short we ordered the part and I video taped us changing it out. Nerds enjoy.

Hey everyone. So this weekend I was reading some photo blogs sent to me by friend of the blog Jay. They suggested everyone have the Canon 50mm lens (pictures below) in their collection as it is cheap, small, and light. A great walking around lens, and handy for shooting video. Instead of going to B&H we went to Adorama which we found to be much friendlier and altogether a nicer experience. Anyway check out some of the pics I took last night with it. Kate made some delicious salmon and buttFUZZ was there to.

So, it’s president’s day and in true no work fashion Kate and I didn’t leave the house. I spent most of the day working on the new Mad Men Recap website. MMRC bigger and better in 2011. Kate did some reading and played a bit of the piano. I (dyeing to use my camera) tried to so some smarty focus heavy video. So enjoy the musical stylings of kate.

So this is a bit embarrassing but last night on our way out to meet up for dinner with Ben, Kate and I locked ourselves out of the apartment. (face is red). We went down to the supers apt and after a lot is panicy loud knocking his wife (?) answered in her night gown and told us in broken english “no key”. So we went back to our door and decided to ask our neighbors for advice. Gary in 13 suggested we call Robert the landlord. We did and he said it was cool, he’d put his kids to bed and head back to the office to get a spare key. I said for him to take his time we would go to dinner and then we could meet up and get the key. As we finished dinner Robert called back and to my chagrin he didnt have a spare key and suggested I try to jimmy the door open with a credit card. I laughed and said I didn’t have any experience with that but I’d give it a try. Turns out we have an anti jimmy bar on our door so no luck. So, I called Robert back and he was going to call his locksmith to drill it out. After some back and forth it turned out Robert agreed to come out himself and help us out. I posted a boring video of the deed. It was really great of him to come help us. By the time he got there it was 1am. After the break on Rob stayed around to have a beer with us (as seem in video) and talk about the building. Turns out he’s going to co-op the building with in the year or so and all the tennants will have the chance to buy at a insider rate. The good thing is if you pass on the buy they don’t kick you out like in Savannah. He also gave us a bit of insight on the building. All and all it worked out for the best. It was great to meet the Robert and what a great guy coming out so late to help us out. We are still pretty embarrassed