So after what I might call the most stressful birthday of my life (work). I met up with Kate, Megan, and Chris for a quick Birthday drink and dinner at Essex. Then as I mentioned in my last post. Saturday was a joined super gay Birthday event. Megan, Sarah, Kate, Billy and I went to Long Island to Hot Skates for some fun that time forgot called roller skating. As you might expect there were some weird dudes hanging out at the roller rink. Along with a ton of kids. I’m pretty sure there may have been about 35 birthday party’s in progress. I felt like a weirdo creeper just being there. I would have taken more pictures but every time I took out my camera or phone the Hot Skates police (much like public pool lifeguards) came and took me down. There was also Neal HotSkate (owner of HotSkate) standing on the sidelines in a red sweater and a black turtle neck just yelling down happiness whenever possible.

We all then went to Benihana’s and I made you a dport7 video so you could share in the fun. Although I’m guessing you’ve been and may or may not have specific feeling about it. My advice is to embrace it and have the time of your life.

So today I turn 31…….. Can’t say I have feelings about it either way. I’m feeling a pretty solid meh. The word is that tomorrow a few of us are headed out to Long Island to go roller skating at this place called Hot Skate. Then to Benihana. Megan’s birthday is next week so we a doing this joined gayest birthday ever celebration.
Unlike previous years I don’t have any plans to go out and try to get crazy tonight. Maybe instead you could have a drink for me were ever your at. Around 8 pm or so, and tweet it to me. Let’s make this easy!

So today I’m 30 years old. I’ve titled this birthday “30: never even saw it coming”. I thought I’d be more upset about it than I am. I guess that’s a good sign. I’m not embracing it, let’s be clear! I do however feel comfortable with it. I want to believe its kind of an end of an era, but let’s be honest it’s really not. It’s just another year older. In many ways if someone was to give me the opportunity to go back and relive my 20’s I would certainly think twice about it. Although the 20’s were fun they were equally difficult. Moving to Cincinnati, then California (for a hell internship), then New York to start a non-paid internship and work at the Apple Store (that part was fun though).. Then moved on to work several other ID jobs, got married (biggie, love you Kate), got a cat (not really a big deal but thought I’d mention it). Many other thing I haven’t mentioned and have forgotten. I guess I should title this birthday “30: take it easy huh”.
Anyway that was too much info. If you’d like to join us for a birthday drink come on out to the edge on 95 E 3rd on the LES on Saturday. We will have special guests Aaron and Alison Shurts in from Seattle…. See you there!

My parents came to visit this week to coincide with my birthday. Although they left this morning last night we went to dinner and they gave me my gift. To my complete surprise it was exactly what I asked for a 85mm f/1.8 canon lens. This thing is incredible it takes amazing depth of field shots. Really makes the subject of the photo pop! I thought I’d post a few shots so you could see check them out. Big Thanks to mom and dad for such a great gift and great visit.
Sorry for all the buttFUZZ shots she’s my only subject as Kate refuses to be photographed. I’ll leave the house someday and take some more shots.

update: I put a little video from our visit together. We had a little interview after watching the marathon waiting for a table.