Who is CampSkills


My name is Paul, my wife Kate and I bought our 1987 Vanagon Westfalia last year and fell in love with it immediately. Growing up in Ohio I remember taking family trips in our 1984 Vanagon tintop. Living in New York City for the last 12 years the Vanagon Westfalia felt like the perfect escape pod from the city.

One of the things I love the most about the Vanagon culture is the constant push to make this vehicle we all love even better. Whether it’s installing aux batteries, truck fridges, solar panels, engine conversions, or one of the other Vanagon upgrades theres always a new project to think about.

I was inspired  almost immediately after driving our Westy home for the first time.  I wanted a way to easily use my smart phone’s GPS to help in driving. The ash try is in the perfect position to hold a phone. I started making prototypes and wanted to focus on a design that looked as if it was designed to be part of a Vanagon not just hold a phone. I also wanted to retain some of the inherent usability that the storage of the ash try has. Adding the Go Westy Radio Toggle was a clean way to build in more functionality.