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Campskill’s Vanagon Smart Tray

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Thank you for visiting CampSkills. We hope you are as excited about the Vanagon Smart Tray as we are. The Vanagon Smart Tray is one in a long line of user designed mods for the van we all love so much. . Finally you can have a centralized place to put your smart phone so you can see the GPS, control your music, and safely answer phone calls.
Watch our Kickstarter video below and see the demonstration of out Final 3D Printed prototype!!!



Kickstarter Pitch Video



CampSkills is an idea bought to life out of a love for the VW Vanagon. Paul, an industrial designer with over 13 years of experience took great care in the design and the development of the Smart Tray to first design something that aesthetically fit the Vanagon, and second to make it efficient and flexible.

The Smart Tray’s restrained design is in line with the almost brutal design language of the van. Care was taken to create something that had the crisp edges and the subtle softness of the Vanagon lines and shape. We worked hard to add as much functionality as possible without creating something obtrusive or unnecessary. The decision to leave a change tray was a nod to every day driving and sometimes needing a place to quickly throw some change of stash a ticket or remote. Built in connection for the Go Westy Stereo Switch was born of necessity to have the radio turn off when the the van isn’t in use.

We wanted to create a design that could accommodate as many phones as possible with out creating complex mechanisms or extra parts. The Smart Tray is designed for street and highway driving. The slight channel the phone sits in along with 1 of the 3 connectors create a stable anchor during most driving conditions.




2 Part Design:

  • Removing the top half of the Smart Tray allowed for easy connection changes between different Phones. I. E. changing from a iPhone to a Android Phone. Without having to remove the entire tray from the dash


  •  It allows us to be flexible as new phones come into the market. As technology changes we hopefully will only need to change 1 element of the Smart Tray thus cutting our future tool costs.


  •   Flexibility, in the future it affords us the opportunity to create other attachments for the smart try. Everything from a spot for gauges, switches, or anything else that we can thing of.





Smart Tray Layout:

We took a lot of time to make sure the Smart Tray could be used by as may Vanagons as possible.

  • The Catch All Phone Tray is designed to fit as many different smart phones as possible. Measure the thickness of your phone it’s 11mm of thinner you’re good


  • We sourced a 3 in 1 USB cable. This cable will charge just about every phone on the market. The connectors included the iPhone Lightning Connector, the new USB-C Connector, and the older style Micro USB Connector.


  • Toggle switch, we designed it for the GoWesty stereo toggle, but could be used for any thing you want.




Changing Connectors



360 Animation