August 27th, 2014

I guess in an effort to prove the internet isn’t full of total BS. I went to the place I posted the picture of the other day and took one to prove it validity. The area I was in to take the picture is called the Bund. It’s right on the water and has the famous skyline view. Although this is just one of the skylines.
Shanghai is 7X larger than NYC and you can see it. Holy crap this is a big city. It makes NYC look like a quaint hamlet. You can see in the picture I took from my hotel window Shanghai during the day… This is not a rainy overcast day. This is a beautiful sunny day in Shanghai. The cloud cover you see is smog and pollution. Well like I said I won’t have much more time to take pictures so this may be it for China…. Next stop Bangkok..

This is the hotel I stayed at in Shanghai (Double Click to Play)

August 25th, 2014

Ok so right now I’m sitting in the Alitalia business class lounge at JFK. I’m waiting for my China Eastern Air flight to board. Several things are not boding well for this trip right now.

1. As you might have guessed if you have ever spent any time on Alitalia this lounge is a dump… literally everything is covered in a thin layer of gross. Other than the free Budweiser it’s not much better than the terminal.

2. I got here pretty early and have had a bit of time to research China Eastern Air. It looks as if their business class is slightly better than JetBlue’s economy seating. I realize no one reading this that knows me is very concerned about this. I sleep everywhere and anywhere no problem…. Still I had business class dreams and they are quickly being dashed..BTW this is a 15 hour flight straight through so nice seating would be a pretty big plus.

Anyway I’m on my way to Shanghai China for the rest of the week. Then Friday I head to Bangkok Thailand. I’m there Friday night I believe till next Wednesday the 3rd. Then I head home.
So, I have the weekend in Bangkok so I will try to get out with my camera and make the best of all of this… Don’t expect many pictures as this is a work trip….. work=noFun #thatsWhyItsWork

I’ve posted a picture of what the internet tells me Shanghai looks like.

August 10th, 2014

Listen I know there are other things I could be posting about here…. For one, a couple of weeks ago we were with the family out in Montauk and it was lovely. This past weekend we were with Kate’s parents out on the lovely island of Nantucket.

In this case though I’m posting a crowd pleaser. WNYC is doing a video series on Bodega Cats:Bodega Cats in NYC. It’s voiced by the owners and it’s the best. Bodega cats are known for their badassness. This just spotlights a few throughout the 5 boroughs.

I also added my Nike+ info back to the site. Notice “runs” in the menu on the left. It’s every run I’ve done and it will continue to update. Much more often than this site!

May 4th, 2014

Kate and I are driving up the coast of California this week. Check back as the photos will be appearing on this post!!

May 3rd, 2014

Some photos from Illinois.

April 9th, 2014

This is it friends! Gold Turbo was just a test. After what seems like years of talking about it I present to you the Gold Antler Munnylope!
Special thanks to Jesus for doing the gilding! Well done best buddy!!!




March 21st, 2014

Alright well this is it…… Gold Turbo!!! Is it real gold you ask? Yes……… no, but it look pretty good anyway.
Plz enjoy and stop by and see it some time.

March 17th, 2014

Check this out!! My good work buddy Jesús suggested that I print out another Turbo and we gold leaf the little turd. I know nothing about gold leaf but Jesús is a pro! Tonight we did the first coat of gold and it’s looking pretty cool. Check it out below! I will post the final when it’s done.

Update:::: more gold, second coat

March 1st, 2014

Someone showed me this the other day and it was the best!!!
The part where the cat sing kills me every time.
Watch and enjoy!!
(I love kitties man!)

February 26th, 2014

So this weekend is the opening party for the new office on 5th ave.
we have an animation guy at the Singapore office that put this little jam together and I thought it was pretty good. Sorry I couldn’t invite everyone. But hey it’s an office party you’ll get over it.