Should I make this a t-shirt? I don’t feel like it’s “there yet”. I need your help! There is a link below to downlaod this AI file. You can add the much needed finishing touches around Turbo and be a part of dport7 history. If you can help me make this awsome I’ll make t-shirts bags and stickers and you will get them all for free (like you always do). You will also get the satisfaction of helping dport7 be “more cooler”. As always I can only print 2 colors (actually I’ve never printed 2 colors before but I was going to give it a shot this time) so don’t go crazy. I’m really just looking for some finnishing touches.

Wait! don’t click away, this could be fun. Even if we haven’t talked for a while or if you don’t like me very much download the AI and give it a shot. I think you’ll agree Turbo looks ok but the burst isn’t working and something need to be done to breathe in a bit more life.

I know it’s a busy time of year so let me know if your interested and I’ll hold off till you have a little time Email me

Click to Help Turbo

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  • Sami D says:

    paul! if you are making goodies i would like one! my computer got stolen so i can’t alter your file 🙁 hope all is well in BKLN! tell k8 i said ‘HI!’

  • Dreamsicle Dreamz says:

    I’ve been meaning to email you about this because despite the fact we were drunk over thanksgiving I have been thinking about it since I left. I’m definitely going to contribute. Don’t you worry, turbo!

  • pauldiehl says:

    Hey Sam!!! Sorry to hear about your stolen computer. Wait a sec how did you write this comment with out a computer. Other than that hope things are good. Kate says hi too.

  • pauldiehl says:

    Jenn hooray!!! can’t wait!

  • Creamsicle Dreamz says:

    Also that’s creamsicle. My phone likes to make me look foolish.

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