Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!! The entire dport7 staff hopes you had enough to eat and had fun around the table with whoever you celebrated. We were in Brooklyn this year with our friend BVA. As you may know he is a bit of a food enthusiast so i feel as if we lucked out with his turkey making skills.. Exceptional! Kate got especially into the holiday and made 2 pies (one apple one pumpkin) a killer bowl of mashed potato’s with bacon and garlic. A really delightful corn casserole that just flat out surprised me with flavor. Then to top it off her special brie and puff pastry starter… If that’s not enough Kate’s friend Greta joined us with a thanksgiving favorite making a fantastic green bean casserole. We ate ourselves stupid especially me. I’ve forgotten how tired all that food makes you. Anyway we had a great time Thanks guys!!! Posted some plate shots below enjoy!

Friday we went to see the Fantastic Mr. Fox!!!!! Yes it was indeed fantastic. It was nice to get a break from the same old holiday movie. It was beautifully done and very funny. It certainly has the usually Wes Anderson touches. He loves for a movie to be set up like a book and this is no exception. Like all of his movies it has a Rolling Stones song. I don’t think anyone can denie the magic and charm that comes along with the pain staking process of stop motion animation.If you get a chance go see it. If you don’t they’ll stop making movies like this and it will be all your fault…. yeah!


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