Let’s start with the important news! If you didn’t get the email last weekend you have the wrong email on joinup or you have failed to become a member. Either way the SSP08 save the date went out last week and the streets of New York are already buzzing with anticipation. As New York’s biggest Short Shorts Party it’s a lot to live up to. This year promises to be the biggest ever with attendees from all around the world. July 19th mark it down with a bullet and we will see you there!
Next on the topic of Short Shorts Parties a great friend of the site known as Jew threw the first successful satellite short shorts party in Milwaukee last month. it was a fully sanctioned and sponsored dport7 SSP and it looks as if it went great. He sent some pictures please check it out. notice the dport7 stickers placed to represent dport7 in only the best of ways. THANKS JEW.

Before i forget I’ve posted pictures frames the last few weeks in frames. One set is from the Kentucky Derby parties Kate and I went to and the other set is from my brother’s visit. some of them are kinda funny i guess.

Memorial day weekend is here. I don’t think I’ve ever in my life enjoyed a three day weekend as much as i do now. It just feels so great to have an entire extra day of freedom. So far mine has been really fun. My old friend from my intern days back at TODA is in town so we’ve been hanging out a lot just goofing around. we went to that new art museum on the bowery called The New Museum of Contemporary Art. To be honest we were both a bit let down and uninspired by the art in the place but the building and the space was impressive. Sunday night was a BBQ with a bunch of the TODA people that was supper nice out in sunset park. Then made at stop at brian westerhoff’s wedding reception to hand a congratulations. The were a couple apple people there and it was great to seem of course.

Lastly for you internet kids out there I saw this new Weezer video that plays off all the big internet video hits of the last year or so. they got a lot of the people that were in the original videos to participate so it’s really pretty cool. i posted it for you so check it out!

long post over!!!

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