This was exciting! Kate and I got to go to the “Due Date” premier. Sarah gets us into the press premiers for movies every now and then but not often are there famous folks there. Last year we went to the premier of “Sherlock Holmes” but we sat in the super high way far away balcony and could barley see anyone. This one was way different! It was a small theater and it was full of the famous. We were only feet away from Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis. Outside the theater we stood right next to Blondie and the Olson Twins. Sat right across from Rick Ocasek (the cars) wife (Paulina Porizkova) and son. That bastard Rob Thomas (match box 20) was washing his hands right next to me in the bathroom. Not to mention the 10’s of amazingly tall gorgeously disturbing 8ft models walking around. It was in a word crazy!!!! Thank you Sarah!
Oh the movie you ask? It was pretty funny. No awards here. Just another buddy comedy road trip flick. It was good enough, I laughed. I’m a fan of both guys so it was fun to watch

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  1. A renaissance indeed!!! Such exquisite spelling and …….. interesting ……….. renderings. The mashmallow fluff man is great, and I like the idea of the Thermos, very earth friendly.

  2. Ok for christsake!!!!!! We all know I spell shit wrong. Come on man you’ve known me for 10 years. I can’t spell nor do I try to police the blog for integrity. Do me a solid next time you see a spelling violation call it out for me. Then we all get what we want. You get the credit for correcting me and I get a better quality blog.

  3. Job Announcement
    Job title: Dport_IntegrityPolice
    Job description: Police dport7 for integrity so Paul doesn’t have to.
    Pay: Stale crackers
    Start Date: Yesterday
    Adt’l notes: Must be willing to share work space with Bill the Magnanimous Unicorn.

  4. Not funny.
    I nominate :
    BLL – who often complains about the mistakes made on this site.
    Jew – although already has a full time job as dport7 legal.
    Marty Mar – complains but has yet to prove skills exceeding the current contributor.
    Kate – as now part owner it seems fair. Although lack of ever visiting the site makes for a difficult sell
    ButtFUZZ – only as a last ditch effort!

  5. BLL not true! and your bad spelling joke is aging. As for your suggestion of Uncle Urb………brilliant!!!!

  6. Is Kate only a co-owner ’cause she married you? I sorta call eminent domain considering I’ve known you longer than everyone but Tom, Linda and John. And, plus, the whole me owning you and lifting your family up as illegal immigrants uhh, “indentured servants.” Yeah. That’s the ticket!

  7. I appreciate your thought process on this one. As you know my entire family is indebted to you for your help all those years ago. That said, under New York State law Kate only receives ownership because of marriage. I fought it all the way with our legal department but the law is the law. I wanted to retain full ownership seeing as Kate has only visited the site a total of 4 times. Each of those times I had to type the url into the browser. In short it wasn’t my call.

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