So I just lost the last post I typed put here on my phone. So this one is ganna be short. Blame the WordPress iPhone app for being kinda crap.
Anyway, we are here at the Atlanta airport struggling. Last night was to put lightly intense.
Kate and I attended my college roommate’s wedding. Joe and I were roommates for all four years of college. He had his wedding in beautiful Destin Florida. It was on the beach and it was beautiful. We’ve never been to a beach wedding before but it was honestly really beautiful. We had the reception on the deck of the hotel by the pool. Everything was great. It was so fun to hang out with Joe and Martin again. It was also great to get to meet Joe’s new wife Danielle again. The fire really didn’t effect anything. Although the rubble was still smoldering we hardly even noticed it.
They had a great turn out for the after party that went on maybe a bit too long. Only one of the grooms men ended up spending the night in jail (true) so if you run the numbers I think we came out ahead.
Thanks to Joe and Danielle for inviting us everything was beautiful and we had an amazing time.

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  • jew says:

    nice ‘stash

  • Paul says:

    You should grow your “stash” back. You looked super dapper in that ” just inspected a school bus this morning kinda way”. right Ian

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