so let’s talk about all points west. Friday night Kate and I met up with Tyson at port authority and made our way to jersey city NJ. Tyson and Josy were nice enough to have us over so it would be an easy start to the concert Saturday morning. So were the band s good? yes, yes the band were great. well except for radiohead. yeah i know radiohead is amazing but honestly people i just can’t get into it. the lead singer just whines all over every song. anyway that’s not what i really want to talk about. as we walked into the show area of the park first things first we headed for the beer tent to get our over 21 bracelets and the first beer of the day. On the bracelet were 5 small tear away tags. These tags were the amount of $7 beers you could buy over the course of the day. so lets be clear it’s not so much that i could only have 5 beers that made me mad. it’s the fact that i was told i could only have 5 beers that really set me off. by set off i mean a rage-less “that sucks” came flying out of my mouth. then we all kinda complained about it on and off for the rest off the day. talking about how this country has turned in to an over protective parent that doesn’t really love you but hates when you have any fun. kinda like Communism but without all that marx crap. either way i thought we all still managed to have a pretty good time.
I’ve finally posted the SSP pictures I’ve promised so check them out. don’t forget to check out the links to pictures that i posted a few weeks ago those were really pretty good to.

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