so YOU CAN NOW LEAVE COMMENTS AGAIN!!!!! I think i have the thing figured out so with any luck NO MORE SPAM. So NO MORE NEED FOR A WORDPRESS Account to COMMENT. I miss you guys and I’ve started blogging again so lets make this happen.

In other news Kate and I got back from Philly this morning at 8:40am just in time for work. A bit of advice if you are taking the train from NYC to Philly pay the extra cash for the Amtrak. We took the NJ and the PA transit on the way there and a 1 hour trip turned into 3. Never the less that’s not what this is about. Kate and I attend our friend Jenn’s wedding. It was the first Jewish wedding I’ve ever been to and let me just say those folk have fun. They had a live band that was insane. 5 singers on stage doing just about every pop song you could think of. Not just singers it was a full band. Let me key you into something. If you want to have a fun wedding splurge for the live band. They almost force people to dance, but in a good way. A DJ just doesn’t have cache of a but rock band and never will. Long story short we really had a great time and are so glad Jenn and Wayne included us.

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