Hey everyone! Saturday was truly a great big dport7 surprise!! The wonderful KATE put together the first dport7 Short Shorts Party Pub Crawl!!!!! The dport7 staff got together this past year and decided that the SSP was going to possibly retire due to the previous year’s party nearly killing Paul. Kate not wanting to see a good party in the prime of it’s life fade away organized the SSP pub Crawl in secret! I was surprised at Sharleen’s by a bunch of our friends in short shorts to kick off the day. To be honest the day was a blur after that. Strangely enough we ended up at the office for a BBQ completely unrelated to the SSP but a great way to end a long, and I mean long party day. Thanks again the amazing KATE and JON and everyone that came by for the first SSP Pub Crawl. See you next year!!
There are more picks and more to come on my flickr

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