Well I certainly hope you had a lovely President’s day. Any time there is a 3 day weekend in the mix it makes the crushing winter season a bit more manageable.

We kept things pretty quite, #lesschulman Jon Schuman and his wife Kate came to visit because Kate had a baby shower to attend. We went into the city on Sunday for dinner at The Lafayette which was nice. I had the burger which was different for me. I don’t usually do that as a burger can be hard on the system.

On Sunday we hung out at the house and started a puzzle we then finished on Monday. (See said Puzzel below) As you may have noticed it is a hilarious puzzle of kitties enjoying a day at the beach. Can you imagine! (just for the record I know this is not cool, but its what I did, and its winter time so deal, we all have to.)

We had a good visit, it was great to see the Schulman’s I just wish it could be a bit warmer.

Oh, and to put your mind at ease Buttfuzz survived even though she hates John more than anything on this Earth. Why? No one really knows. John did something awful to her years ago I can only assume.

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