Hey everyone. A couple of updates so I don’t forget.

2 weeks ago my brother Big John Diehl and his fiance Kristin came to visit. They had plans to go to the Noter Dame football game at Yankee Stadium and came to stay with us for an evening. It always great to see John, and it was great to show him the house and all the work we did with the kitchen. The people they were going to the game with backed out at the last minute so Kate and I went to the game instead. We all know how I feel about Noter Dame and how I feel about football so I won’t bore you. That said it was worth it to spend some more time with John!

Happy Thanksgiving! We stayed home in West Orange NJ this year for the entire holiday. Kate made (and I can’t stress this enough) the most wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, potatoes,homemade stuffing,corn casserole, brussel sprouts, and 2 pies! We had our friend Nick and Annie over to enjoy the meal and it was a nice time. On Saturday John Schulman,Katie Nolan and Jenn Norwood came over to hang out. It was a fun evening of acting stupid and being loud which is my want!


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