Man oh man what a poopie weekend! Rain on rain on rain. Saturday we waited around all day for the new dishwasher to be delivered. It didn’t get to the house till 6:30 then took an hour and a half to install. Totally wasted the day. Kind of a bummer, although I did get a nap in which is a true delight.

Sunday on the other hand was adventure time. One thing we did on Saturday was watch a documentary on Andrew Wyeth the fantastic 20th century American painter. It turns out his home and museum are in Chadds Ford PA, about a 2 hour drive from us in WeO. There is a museum there called the Brandywine River Muesum of Art.

Having nothing to do in all this wet, Kate and I got in the car and drove there. Let me say, if only it had been a nice day the landscape around there would have been beautiful. As is described in the name there is a little river that runs behind the museum and the structure itself is quite interesting as it’s a combination of an old building and new construction. The museum is great because is showcases new Modern Art as well as the art of the Wyeth family. Andrews father and sister were also great artist in their own right. Andrew’s son Jamie Wyeth is quite accomplished as well. After walking through the 3 floors of the museum we went on the tour the Wyeth family house, and studio. It was all very good. If only the rain had let up just a little bit things would have been even better.

You may be wondering, “Hey Paul, what ever happened to the van?” Great question, thank you for asking. Well, it’s been a fast and tricky summer so not many van trips. Although on Saturday I did try to get my lazy self to work on the window cranks I never finished. For some reason I just can’t make up my mind on how to snap the knob to the crank. So I did some section drawing and I still don’t know. Last week I also got this super cool air freshener for the van and the free sticker came with it.

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