Chicago! 8/28/2018

I went to Chicago for Big John Diehl’s 40th birthday. It was a great opportunity to see John, Kristen and my parents. It was only a day and a half but it seems like we did a lot. The original intent was to go see a Cubs game. Turns out they were going to be playing the Mets so it seemed like a fun idea. John went to see the games on Sunday, and Monday as well. I joined for Tuesday. It was great. There is nothing better than Wrigley Field on a summer evening. The game stayed close all night. It was 1 to 1 in the 10th inning and then the rain started. The game got called till the next morning. The Cubs went on to win the next day. We had a happy birthday for John on the scoreboard which was really exciting.

Earlier in the day we went to the Fields Museum. What a huge place. It’s a natural history museum and they have everything. Including the two lions from the movie Ghost in the Darkness. Check out the link.

So, when I was a kid I remember these molding machines from the 60s that you would see at zoo’s or museums like this. I always think about them because it’s such a cool was to show how a mold works. They had one at Fields and it was super fun to do that again. Keep your eyes out for them, especially in the Chicago area! Mold-O-Rama.


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