So i’m not going to canada, trip cancelled. It’s cool i don’t mind i mean it’s a work trip it’s not like i was going up there to………………. Uh what do people in Canada do anyway i saw strange brew a few times. Oh hockey yes that is why i would be going to canada if i was going on a non-work trip. Wow ok. In other news what the hell is with Chase Bank, so i know everyone knows that when you deposit a check some time it takes some time to clear but that’s crap man. I gave you the money and you(chase) know as well as i do that the company i work for is good for it man. What if i needed to buy a new iPod or cold medicine or the fifth season of friends. For real man help a brother out.

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  1. Why don’t we arranged along with all all those people wiped out at Fort Hood; almost all their grieving buddies and household subscribers. No will need to support any exceptional headache for each of the people and household of those people aboard the airplane into Detroit possibly huh?

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