Well there it is, I pushed it too far this weekend and now I’m fist fighting a cold. I’m 37 years old and anytime I stay out past bed time I get sick. How can this be?

Depending how you look at it I was either lucky I didn’t get sick till this morning, or very unlucky. I got to have the entire weekend, but now I’m facing a very busy week super sick. Aw who cares.

Friday we were out late in the city for a friend’s birthday. Saturday I went for a 4 mile run as it was a nice day out. Sat on the porch a bit, and did some cleaning. Then ate at Placio del Pollo, and as always that chicken is fantastic! Like a drug.

Sunday we got the van out and drove to Pyramid Mountain for a hike. It’s about 30 min West of us so the drive was quick and easy. Kate and I did the blue trail hike. It was great. So nice to be out in the sun just hiking at a first day of spring pace.

I wore my Keith Purnandez shirt as it is my new favorite thing. (See below) 1986 Mets first basemen Keith Hernandez is on Twitter and often post about his cat Hadji. It is hilarious, and I also love my cat and the Mets. It just makes good sense that I would support this by purchasing a t-shirt.

Stream on the hike

Kate enjoys the sun

Best shirt ever!

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