If I may… I’d like to apologize for yesterday’s post. I was in a bad place. I mean let’s be fair we all are. Either way that one was even a bit too complainie for my likeing.

That said, update. Ok, so I was not feeling the bathroom with the oval window white frame. Here’s the thing, it’s a small space with huge, dumb oval window. When painted white on a dark wall it becomes a light house of a focal point. I didn’t a couple of renders with it stained walnut like our floors. Thus toning things down a bit. I like it. Kate is not convinced.

“Hey Paul? What are you going to do for storage?” That’s a great question my facless internet friend. I wanted to find a cabinet of sorts to go over the toliet. Kate believes this is foolish and basic. So, check out the render, I built out the canvas bag that Kate likes as a catch all solutions for towels and TP. I’m good with it.

With all that said, I contacted the contractor yesterday a bit concerned we hadn’t received an estimate yet. I promptly received a reply apologizeing for the delay and a promise we would receive it today. Look, I know first hand estimates are the worst. You’d much rather finish the real job at hand than put effort in to a piece of paper that has a chance of not happening at all. That said I worry this kind of delay could be indicative of the project to come… Considering this is the only contactor that wanted the project we are a bit stuck. We also both like this guy. Seemed very knowledgeable and competent.

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  1. Team Kate! Don’t be so basic, Paul.

    Also, the window is the only thing in the bathroom made out of that weird wood and it is throwing me off. The window should be made from the same fake gold as the mirror edges. I suppose if you made cabinets out of that wood it would balance a little, but right now it sticks out.

    I will not check back here for replies, you’ll have to @ me in person.

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