Oh man, it’s gotten bad. Here we are in the back half of April and we have had a grand total of 2 decent days in 2018. That means we have had 105 days of gray. Go ahead and call me a complainer, I don’t care. This sucks.

At this stage we have to ask ourselves “Why is this happening?” I have an idea, I think it’s a terrorist attack. Russia, North Korea I don’t care but it is effective.

I also don’t have any other updates on the other projects I’ve posted about perviously. No word from the contractor yet on the kitchen. We’re kinda bummed about that. I have the crack in the wall almost ready to paint so that’s done. Then work is just work and will always be work.

These dog days of winnter are truly brutal. You have to ask yourself why we live in this climate. The answer gets harder to come up with every week.

This is the everyday at Highland Station…

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