So first off the weather is all kinda of crap here in New York today. For some strange reason here in Brooklyn they are still having a parade even though the wind is blowing and the rain is vicious. If the rain a the parade weren’t lame enough the S train isn’t running which sucks. Which means I have to walk in the rain a whole lot further. Not Cool. I’m other news a former friend of dport7 Ed Labanski has contacted me with some disturbing news. Apparently he’s not happy with the direction the web site has taken and wanted to voice his opinion. For those of you that don’t know Ed Labanski he was a World Champion bowler in the 1970″s and is friends with Aaron Shurts aka Uncle Urb. A while ago Ed had contacted me to be the lead Banjo player for his new TV show the Ed Labanski show, I declined but we remained friends. Till now. Please CLICK on his name to hear the message he left our staff.

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