Let me just say that i really really really really HATE DELL they are with out a doubt the most supreme of all types of bustards. If there was anyway to get around having a DELL i would avoid it but i need to use studio tools and solid works so i have know choice. DELL claims to have tech support. My computer has been unable to turn on for 2 months now. I called DELL about it two months ago and they said they would send someone to fix it. They lie, I have been on the phone with them a countless number of times since, and no one have ever been to my house. No one ever calls me and when i call DELL to check up they say the technician said he couldn’t get ahold of me and sent the parts back. This has happened 4 times. Tonight I was on with dell for 2 hours I even went as far to threaten the technicians life but again they will send parts that won’t arrive. damn!

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