Oh so much to talk about. First off dport7 would like to thank ian swanson for his new contribution, “rear view” as you can see below it’s our new movie and we think you’ll all enjoy it. Chances are if you know us your in it, and if your not shoot us an email and we’ll put you in. The other big news is that i nerded out and got the new video ipod . OMG this thing is great i hacked two full length feature films onto it (bottle rocket and life aquatic) They both look and play great. It also holds my entire iphoto library and all my music with 16 gigs to spare. My mind is blown. If that wasn’t enough Phil Anderson is in town so last night we saw him and Leena, lovely as always. We met at a swank wine bar in chelsea and enjoyed the visit. After that we had the pleasure of stopping in to wish Maiken a Happy Birthday. So on behalf of dport7 Happy birthday!
So everyone check out the movie and let me know what you think!

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