Well it’s Friday and it’s not snowing. In fact it’s 60deg at 8am. That’s reason enough for me to get through the day.

First sign of spring in West Orange

That said how about an project update! Last weekend we had the contractor over again to review our kitchen update strategy. We talked through the rendering and I sent him the spreadsheet of fixtures I’ve been working on. In that meeting we discussed the bathroom and decided I needed to make some progress on visualizing that as well.

The bathroom is a tricky turd. I built it all out to scale. For those of you that have been, it’s quite small and holds a shower. The renderings below are taken/rendered with a very wide lens in attempt to show as much as possible. As a result I think things are a bit distorted. Both visually and in the perception of size and space. It’s also missing a level of detail that will make it feel right. It’s purposely dark as the kitchen is all white. The idea there is to make it feel as if it has nothing to do with the kitchen. The fixtures in the kitchen are all back so the ones in the bathroom are all brass. Tile floor not wood. Just a different space all together.

I also update the kitchen a bit from the last post. I put the texture on the counter tops. We took a look at how practical it was to have a pendent light over the sink and changed that out for sconces. Put the pot filler in place along with all the outlets. Lighting has also proved to be an interesting challenge. I added 3 LED lights to the ceiling above the open cabinets to make sure those corners don’t get too dark.

That’s all I have for the moment. We are waiting back for the estimate. Then will figure out the money situation.

bathroom 1

bathroom 2

bathroom 3

kitchen update

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  1. New renderings look great, but you accidentally made the sink and toilet white when I know you meant for them to be black.

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