Check this out. I’m going a diy home inprovment job. As you may or may not know Kate and I live in an old house. Now, old houses are far from perfect. This thing has more years standing that I can even come close to. That said, it’s going to have it’s battel scars. Many of those scars appear as cracks in the wall/ sheet rock.

Kate hates these things. So in an effort to be helpful I looked up some “how to” videos on YouTube and set my sights on Home Depot to outfit my self with the appropriate tools. It mostly some scraper knives, fiber glass tape, plaster of Paris and all pourpose compound.
From what I found the idea is to dig out the crack and fill the wall with the compunt mixture. So far I have done a couple coats of that. I had to re-strip it and start over once because I didn’t have the right combination of plaster and compond. Plus I put the fiber glass tape on to early. The first filling as a result dried and shrank underneath leaving what would be a weak point later on.

This feels like a real gamble folks. Smoothing it all out and blening into the wall seems like an art form. I’ll check back in on the final result.

This is the first filling of plaster. I did another this morning to make sure it was fully filled. Shrinkage is an issue.

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